700+ barges stuck on Mississippi due to crack in bridge

700+ barges stuck on the Mississippi due to a crack on the Interstate 40 highway bridge near Memphis. Officials: repair could take months. The Mississippi river is America’s largest artery for agricultural exports.

So interesting that it has been officially referred to as a crack. It most likely was one at an earlier time, but now it is a broken beam. Fractured. Failed completely.

One of Huey P Long projects? Not sure, this was in Memphis.

To call this a crack is indeed an euphemism.

I am not convinced.
The upper beams of the bridge and the arcs above work overall on a compression load.

This low beam works on a tensile load. When a small crack starts, the working section diminishes and the load in the remaining section immediately increases.
This is the base for an fulgurous fracture.

What is " A Fulgurous fracture?" Sounds not too good. I value your opinion. Transported below those bridges a slight bit.

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Good one Dutchie