3rd and 2nd Mate Nav Problem

While helping someone to study for their original license exams, specifically Nav Problems we noticed that identifying minor stars are no longer a requirement for 3rd and 2nd Mate. Is this true?

I usually trusted them if their ID said they were 18


I believe this to be the case, yes. I didn’t have minor star ID on my 3M exam, it did occur on the CM exam.

Ha! well played,…

It’s still required, see Table 1 to 46 CFR 11.910. See also the list of subjects on the NMC web page. Star ID is one of the questions (no. 10) on the sample exam on the NMC page.

Hello. I did check table 1 and table 2. They both state only star ID. They don’t distinguish between minor or major stars.

Thanks for the info