Has anybody ever worked for 3PSC?I just got hired and I’m trying to find more details about work conditions and life on board.


What type of vessel, T-AKR or T-AGS? Both are all union, AMO and SIU. I was on one of the T-AGSs, I’ve sailed on worse. What are you shipping as anyway?

T-AGS,3A/E.I’ll meet the ship in Subic this week

There were three of those ships here (Subic) for the last several weeks, they had some training held from an MSC trainer. I rode the Heezen. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/tags-60-gallery.htm As a 3AE it should be watchstanding as usual for you. The ship is deisel electric, 2 motor driven z-drives aft and a drop-down motor driven z-drive on the bow. Things were pretty clean in the engineering spaces, single man staterooms for ships officers. The ships are 100 meters long with a narrow beam, and very lightly built so they are the size of and ride like a Navy Frigate. You’ll need sea legs. (The food on the Heezen sucked badly but that was the fault of the lazy SIU supplied cooks and the Skipper that let them get away with it.)
If you get on the McDonnell, it’s a different platform all together, only 208ft long and built like a Navy Fleet tug, http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ship/tags-51.htm

All of these vessels had an optempo of about 3-4 weeks at sea and a few days inport, what they are doing now I don’t know, especially IVO 3 of them being in port here for several weeks, maybe they had their regular maintenace along with crew training turn-over from MMP to AMO.

How are you getting to Subic? It isn’t a straight forward trip unless you have an agent fetching you from the airport or you’ve been here before. If you need any travel pointers email me pensyonado@yahoo.com.

I really appreciate your feedback

It’s an interesting company to work for. I’m on one of the ships now. Life onboard isn’t bad - our engineers are standing 8 hour watches, but I don’t know if you’ll be doing that.

The pay isn’t amazing, but the work onboard isn’t too tough, and you’ll see some interesting places. Subic isn’t bad. Manila is a shithole, but you probably won’t end up there.