2M unlimited / 1600T master clarification

I submitted for my 2M unlimited and 1600t master and finally heard back from the Coast guard. They said I am approved for my 1600T masters after taking two tests 2nd mate of unlimited tonnage to 1600t master.

It doesn’t clearly say I’m approved for 2M unlimited but the authorization to take those tests make me think so. I always thought the 2M was given out and if you wanted 1600t master you could test later on.

I have some atb time from the red navy and wire tow time towing a 35,000 GT barge. Wish it said i had been issued 2M. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you.

Because you put them on the same application, you might have to take care of the 1600T test requirements before they’ll issue you the 2M, but best to call them and figure it out.

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Thanks for the input! I’m sure that’s what the issue is.

Last year i had two different requests with the same app. One was an upgrade with just seatime, the other required testing. I wrote a seperate letter requesting ‘split issuance’ per advice from the help desk, sent it along with the app and had no problems.

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And I used a preparer. Wasted my money.

Yeah and no. If i had a consultant and this hiccup occured, i’d be pushing them to handle it. It’s what you paid them for anyway right?

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The letter you got is approval to test. Since there is no exam for 2nd Mate, it’s not on the letter. See 46 CFR 11.412(b) and figure it out.

Indeed. Any slightly competent consultant would know what’s going on.


Have you ever considered a side gig?

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I am always tossing that idea around!

Doing license consulting stuff? Prohibited conflict of interest notwithstanding, N O.

You have to ask for a split issuance. They would issue your 2M in the mean time so you don’t have to wait for the testing to be complete.

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I think you’re standing in it.

You’re practically doing it for free on here now. So I guess its a roundabout way of saying we appreciate your knowledge and insight on here.


Was recently approved for the crossover examination myself. Has anyone here taken the test yet? Is celestial/terrestial navigation on the multiple choice exam? Thanks for the input.