200 Oceans RFPNW and AB?

Looking at upgrading my 200GRT NC Masters to 200GRT Oceans . On the current NMC website checklist it shows RFPRNW “see checklist”. On the 500/1600 checklist it shows RFPNW “assesments only”. What does it take to complete the RFPNW requirments for the 200GRT Oceans? I see approved schools do a assesments only class one day and about 1K.

I do not hold an AB endorsment , on the checklist its says “Qualification as AB”. Does that mean i just have to meet the requriments of the AB or do i have to hold an AB endorsment.

Here is the 200grt oceans checklist

Thanks for any advice.

To be qualified as an AB you must BE an AB. Meeting the requirements of the AB refers to being able to test for it. Note the checkoff sheet says"Exam required) If you have the seatime for a 200 GT license you already have the time for AB you just have to either take the course or take the exam at a REC. Also you must have RFPNW. This is NOT difficult to do on your own. It consists of about 26 topics you have to demostrate your knowledge and proficiency in… BUT it requires it to be done on a vessel over 200 tons. Or you have to take the cash cow course. You also have to take the Lifeboatman/PSC course. I believe you can still take the exam at a REC, but some of the stuff you MUST take a course for, so while there, just take the whole thing at a school, and just hand that diploma to the USCG when you apply. (i mean the ab and the PCS courses. You still must test out for the 200 ton at the REC. The celestial you can do either way.

Looks like you just have to meet qualifications as AB, but the kicker is you have to meet the RFPNW requirement. (180 days, 1/2 on a 200gt or more vessel) for watchstanding duties. I guess the NMC is looking at it as ABs moving up, already having accumulated the sign offs and time for RFPNW.

Might as well start studying/upgrading to the 500, or just call the NMC.

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