1st a/e to Chief Engineer

Is there a test going from 1st A/E to Chief?..if the license was issued last January.
I know the answer for the deck side, but not for engineers.

Yes, if one is not a maritime school grad., also need 6 months as 1st on a ship requiring a 1st. This information is what I was told two months ago by NMC when I inquired about a man who got his 1st in March 2008. There is a question of some more STCW required training at the management level in the pipeline for engineers but as of when I asked they told me the guy should be able to take his chief exam without it, though he shouldn’t put it off.

Thanks. The 1st A/E on here is submitting his application and he was wondering if he had to test. This is on a ship that requires a 1st A/E, as well as Chief, 2n, and 3rd. One of the academy guys went from 3rd A/E to 2nd A/E without testing…similar to the deck side. With the deck side there is no test from Chief to Master, but it seems like you <strong>do</strong> have an upgrade test on the engineroom side, correct??

Correct, got to test from 1AE to Chief if you’re not a grad.

There is no test from 1 SE to Chief Engineer if you tested for 1st after 2/1/02. <span style="font-size: medium]<span style=“color: #ff0000]<strong>This applies regardelss of whether you went to an academy. </strong></span></span>See NMC Policy Letter 02-02 at: http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/mmic_policy.asp
How are you ready for Chief if you only got 1st less than a year ago?
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JD Cavo,
That is great news for this fellow and just goes to show it depends on who you talk to. I wish I had written down the name of the person at NMC that gave me this BS !
Thanks !

I think next month makes a year for this guy. He was about to study, but I didn’t think he even had to test which is why I asked. I wasn’t entirely sure on the engineer side, but thanks for the answer. I now have a happy engineer and a free supper…and if I had two votes, I would vote for you twice.