100 ton with oceans?

Cnav cert is only expried by 2 months currently. Ive got rhe study materials for 200 from Practical Navigator and can test on that in about 4 weeks when i get back onshore.

Btw Practical Navigator, awesome site and owner. Super helpful.

Make sure to use the word “Reconsideration” when you contact the. It’s the magic word that escalates the issue to a higher level.

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Will do, greatly appreciated!

If it’s the same as the test I took recently, it’s 15 questions and In order of difficulty easiest to hardest just IMO;

Time tick, gnomonic chart, ETA, parallel sailing, mid latitude, Mercator, great circle, unknown star, best star group, Lat at LAN, Lat by Polaris, time of LAN, sunrise/sunset, 3 body running fix, running fix with LAN/1200

IIRC it was 80% passing but might be wrong on that.