100 resumes and not one bite

OK I did’nt really send out 100 resumes, but it was a lot of resumes, online applications, emails, snail mails and even visited Chouest in person. That visit got me a interview and an introduction the top hiring person but no job. I have applied for OSV’s, inland towing, offshore tugs and even Cruise West which gave me a phone interview for a “licensed Deck position” my interviewer said she was going to recommend me for a Mate position, but that was two months ago and I have not heard from them since. Yes I have sent two emails but no reply. I have 15 years exp. hold a 150 Ton Masters w/ asst towing, Master inland sail, and have completed all my STCW classes. I also have completed a Apprentice Mated Crossover course that would allow me to serve as Mate of Towing in as little as 30 days. I have approx 500-600 days offshore and over 1000 inland/great lakes. I’ve worked on small crew boats, ferries, water taxi’s, tour boats, OSV’s (165’) High Speed Craft(45kts), parasail, amphibious DUKW’s. What am I missing? I am planning to get ARPA at Young Memorial in May but what else should I be doing? Help.

Don’t worry your not the only one out there, after being laid off last year, I have applied for over 100 jobs online and in person (at my gas and motel expense). I have sent over 600 resumes by email and snail mail. And like you I even broke down and applied for cruise west. After 4 interviews on the phone, i have yet to hear from them. I have 16 years on deck and as a mate with a masters license, working both inland barges and log tows on the west coast. After all of that, and not listening to my fellow mariniers on this very fine web site, i even applied with the head hunters. They haven’t even called. But as of today, I just recieved an email from a very large company, maybe that will go somewhere. Good Luck and don’t stop trying, something will come along, just keep sending stuff out. I check this web site at least 10 times a day ( thank god to everybody that busts theirbutts to find jobs and post them)…Like I said don’t give up, it is getting better!!!:smiley:

Capt Jason

Thanks for the encouragement, it’s good to know it’s not just me. Good luck and if anything pans out please pass it along.

I wish that decreasing unemployment and preventing job loss in America could be given more attention to than the “Obama Care” (Health Care) has received.

Hey T Cap, hows your luck going??? Did you get a phone call from CruiseWest? I got mine a couple days ago…and then recieved a call from them last night to show up 2 weeks early… Thanks to everybody on G Captain, I will keep my ears open when I’m on the west coast.

afraid I did not make the cut as I have not had a call. Started back to work on a part time seasonal job as 2nd captain on RIVER GORGE EXPLORER, but it’s just a relief gig. Meet today with the local TOWBOATUS guy, just another part time thing. Hope it works out for you, it may not be what you were looking for but you should see some amazing things up there.

Which TowBoatUS???