100 GRT Renewal Modules submission question

So I received and completed my renewal modules for my 100 Ton Master. Does anyone know if they will accept the completed exam module answer sheets by e-submission? Or do they have to be mailed to the REC? Thanks

Follow the instructions they gave you. It’s part of the test…


The instructions are not very specific. It says “If mailing, mail to the address listed below”. Does that mean “if mailing” as opposed to returning in person to the REC? Or does that mean “if mailing” as opposed to scanning and emailing?

BTW, the idea that “it’s part of the test” is asinine, and wholeheartedly untrue.

It is my understanding the only thing they accept via electronic submission is the physical for medical certificate renewal.

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Thanks Cheif. I’ll see if I can catch someone on live chat at the Nmc tomorrow for clarification.

They accept all applications and associated certificates, assessments, etc via email, just not by emailing the NMC directly.

From the horses mouth so to speak.
Note the Electronic submission Instructions. If it isn’t listed it isn’t allowed.