1/6th scale Chevrolet 327 cu in V8 - and it runs

Ok, so this is a little bit off topic, but nonetheless really, really cool.[I]My current project is a 1/6th scale Chevrolet 327 cu in V8. Based on a 1964 365 hp Corvette motor, measurements have been taken from an actual engine as to be most accurate. The head and block began as billet aluminum that have been painstakingly machined on a Bridgeport-style mill. The 5-main crank has real babbit bearings, while the cam is a scale 30-30 Duntov.[/I] [I]
[I]Dies were developed for stamping out the front cover, oil pan and rockers. The pistons and water pump housing are cast aluminum, and the valve covers are going to be investment cast.[/I]
[I]Since this engine is a runner, there is spark ignition, a pressurized oil system and a cooling system just like its big brother[/I]
[I]Right now the engine has been completed to the point that it will run for brief periods of time. However, several things have yet to be finished including the water pump/radiator, valve covers and carburator to make this a full time running engine.[/I]

Check out all the pictures [I]and[/I] video www.moyermade.com

That is way too cool :slight_smile: And I love the starter!