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Commercial Diving A place for commercial divers to share information and stories about their careers diving. 46 CFR Subchapter "M" Tall Ships Mariner Gear Guide A place to share and discuss all types of gear used aboard ship. Tugs & Towing Marine Technology For satellite, communication, electronic equipment and others who work with Digital Ship technology. Yachts 500 Ton Master Upgrade The category for mariners upgrading to 500 Ton Master before the USCG rule change. Topics include class requirements, schools, accommodations for schools, grants, sea time, study aids, and any other questions or tips. Marine Safety Information and ideas related to Marine Safety including SOLAS, Marine Firefighting, SAR, etc. Maritime Security Commercial Fishing A forum for commercial fishermen and those engaged in fishery work both here in the states and internationally. Maritime History Never worked aboard a ship but interested in vessels of all sizes? This is your area of the forum. Maritime Training & Licensing All maritime training, marine licensing issues and education posts go here.
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