Worst habit/vice you've had to deal with from other crew


Since we’ve seen cargo bitching about passengers smoking in another thread, it made me think of some of the worst I’ve had to deal with on boats I’ve worked on. How about you guys?

I’ll start it off… seismic boat, no head on the bridge. Captain with a prostate issue would leave gallon jugs of piss under the radar stand for me to trip over in the dark.

Oh and fucking dip cups that look like my coffee!!! :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:


Guys that dip leaving their water bottle spatoons everywhere, noisy eaters irritate the hell out of me too…those who smack their lips and such while eating and other rude noises.

Any of your vessels have a candy bowl in the galley? There is a special place in hell reserved for the lazy assholes that eat a candy but leave the wrapper in the bowl instead of walking their ass to the trash!




Not putting the movies back in order. Even worse, putting the box back with no disc in it, realizing it is in their computer later on, and throwing the disc away instead of putting it back.

Each year at sea chips away at my faith in humanity.


Not a big fan of nail clippings in the wheelhouse.


Finding them on the galley table when you sit down to eat is worse.


Smoking in the mess decks. I’m a smoker but smoking shouldn’t be permitted where folks eat.


Seriously? They just throw it away? I’d figure they’d at least put the disc back without a case, which also bugs me.


Hehe wtf, what kind of animals do you guys sail with?

Worst habit I know is people who talk to much. You have to space out the bullshit, can’t repeat the same story on week 2 of 4.


Nasty butts and ashes everywhere in the wheelhouse. Spit bottles everywhere. Nail clippings scattered about. People who don’t bathe.


Fat cook working shirtless in the galley, sweat sizzling as it drips on the griddle.

Waking the guy up when you know he will be passed out, pants down, porn still playing on the tv.

Captain who stands naked at the top of the stairs and yells down to get your attention.

Captain who is often not in the pilot house when I go up to give him the morning fuel report(nor anyone else), I just wait a few minutes, hear a toilet flush and he come back up.

Guy who lays in their bunk and stares while you change clothes. I remember the Captain yelling out one night" Jeff, are you pissing on the floor?"" JEFF, YOU ARE PISSING ON THE FLOOR!" It seems he thought he was in his apartment in San Francisco, so that makes it ok. (He was later fired for excessive mastubation. Though I don’t remember the exact wording on the paperwork)

Let’s see, What else…It’s all just a blur.


Holy crap! I realize I’ve only been sailing for 20 years and still have a lot to see, but jeez! What company was that so I can make sure I never sail on that boat?!?!


Tools that haven’t been put away properly. If I have to spend more than a few miniuts searching for something with a clearly marked and provided for space on the tool board, or the allen key that I need didn’t get back in its place: I can totally deal a few times. But if it is always like that, I don’t even want to open the door to the shop until I have time to put it right. Lockers that are meant for stores or test benches that are filled up with broken brick-a-brack. Options include throw it away, fix it, or stow it properly so that it can get fixed later; options do not include making piles who’s layers may be old enough to expect one of @Kennebec_Captain 's ancient maritime technologies to be included.

Look, its very good when you can produce surprising perfectly suited parts seemingly out of no-where because you’ve saved everything since Christ was a choir boy. I appreciate that, no end. But can we stow it properly? The bench isn’t a shelf, just like the torque wrench isn’t a hammer.


It isn’t? :hmmm: It works though. :grin:


Either that or cram it in their desk drawer so it is totally unplayable when it is eventually found. I will say that the advent of most crew members having a laptop has cut down on the pilferage of movies though. For whatever that is worth


just like the torque wrench isn’t a hammer.

It isn’t? :hmmm: It works though. :grin:

I almost flagged this comment as inappropriate. Why would you say something like that? Does the Internet really need more ignorance and hate?


Tools in the wrong spot is a losing battle in my experience. I’ve given up on trying to explain things like why a file card should be stored with the files and not with the wire brushes. It’s time to buy a lottery ticket if you grab for an allen set and they’re all in there (especially the 3mm or 4mm). I’ve found that it’s much less aggravating to just buy my own small set of the tools that I know are always missing or incomplete. I do have a secure space to store stuff when I’m not on board though, otherwise it would be one more thing to try and fit into the seabag.

I’m not a big fan of people who report aboard with illness . I’m not talking head colds or the usual maladies you pick up after sitting in an airplane for a few hours, I’m talking things like Staph or flesh eating bacteria. Yep. In defense of the latter guy, he didn’t know he was sick at the time. The staph guy did know he was sick, and he knew what he had but didn’t say anything til we sailed.

Oh, and people who set welding hoods down on the lens and then complain about it being all scratched up.


How the hell do you get fired for that and who determines “excessive”? Oh, never mind. . .


A Chief who’s cabin was on the bridge deck and unless he went outside had to pass through the bridge to go anyplace outside of his cabin. Late one night, he walked into the bridge since we managed the power plant (vessel had an unmanned engine room). I was running ballast and the power plant, sitting in a chair, while the other DPO was on the DP console. He just wanted to make sure I knew the new standby order for all the engines, and that would have been just fine was he not leaning over my shoulder in only a bath robe and flip-flops…

Only happened once to me, almost still have nightmares. I was over them until this thread came up. Thanks, I’ll probably have to go through more smoking therapy now.


The spit cups left all over the place is my big one. I managed to cure some people from leaving theirs on the bridge when I would find their work boots and over turn their spit cups in to them.