Women on Shipping


Who say Shipping is a man’s world??
Just look at these women in powerful positions within shipping assemble at Nor-Shipping last week: http://splash247.com/ten-women-watch-shipping/


Women in shipping is one thing which I respectfully draw my hat for - women in shipping business and shipping related
industries is just another side of the game.


There are also women in the Oil & Gas Industry. Here is a feisty one who develop technology for NOV: https://www.tu.no/artikler/hege-kverneland-har-skapt-det-hun-kaller-en-lekegrind-for-ingeniorer/396455


More on the subject, but now Women in Shipping.
This article on Ship Technology.com may be a good start for a more in depth discussion on a subject that is becoming more relevant by the year: http://www.ship-technology.com/features/featurewomen-in-shipping-pushing-for-gender-diversity-5907538

I believe US is ahead on the matter, at least in relative number of females in other professions than catering on ships, boats and rigs??


From 4th. Officer straight on. The Germans have capacities as well.


WISTA is being awarded for enhancing the role of women in Shipping:


Not in Shipping but sailing around the world without the benefit of manfolk to help with the heavy lifting and technical things.

Forget about the demure Indian women:


Someone must have set the destination Port for them because if you asked any of them, Where do you want to go, they would have said, I don’t care where do you want to go. :grin:


Crew of six on a 56’ yacht.
That’s either three on watch, watch on watch off or two on watch four hours on and eight hours sleep. Day after day after day… And it’s just a tad more hard work than standing watch in the nice comfy warmth of the bridge of a ship.
I wouldn’t argue with them or fancy my chances if I was to try insulting them.