Wait time for credentials


A fancy upgraded website complete with many dead links. Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe it.


I did my medical renewal back in July (via e-mail) and I actually had the card in the mail within a week.

I still sent it to the Memphis REC however, not directly to the NMC.

If you know anybody at your local REC, send the email to the REC (rec-mem-appsubmission@uscg.mil since I live near Memphis), but also copy somebody you know at the REC.


Considering I JUST got the confirmation from NMC that they received it and are now reviewing it, I think the REC submission is probably still the best way to ensure it gets processed in a timely manner.

Medical renewal (no waivers, no limiting conditions)
Emailed: 4/21/18
Received confirmation: 5/4/18
Reviewing: 5/4/18
Approved: 5/8/18


I took 7 days from when I got an email saying NMC received my info to when the renewed license arrived in the mail. I am happy with that.


I actually got a call from my evaluator- who was about to downgrade my HP because one of my sea letters did not have the vessel’s HP on it. We worked it out, but it reinforces my impression that all they care about are numbers. I told her that with one mouse click, she can destroy my ability to make a living. I guess that made an impression. 2.5 weeks from submission to 2A/E.


Very true. And the reverse is true too. Not sure how, but for about 6 months I had OICEW along with my OICNW on my STCW page. It got fixed with the reissue for Master unlim, but it made for much head shaking and laughter during a coast guard annual about how messed up NMC is.


Sent in an email to NMC for the renewal of my med-cert on 4/20/18 and received the new cert on 5/11/18. Not a record but not bad.
I used the same forms used for my most recent MSC physical.
They sent it to my old address, my sister’s address, so at least it’s not lost! They can’t seem to get that old address deleted no matter how many times we revisit the issue. This should be my last one, so no matter.


I’ve worked with numerous people that never took ARPA but didn’t have the restriction on their MMC and even a person that never requested or tested for oceans but was issued it anyway (and knowingly kept it).