Understanding China


got a link to those threatening articles
which islands do the USA have bases, GUAM?
The whole of SE Asia getting worried about the new bully


Honshu (Yokosuka), Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia, Bahrain are the main islands with US Naval and Air bases in the Pacific, Indian Ocean and AG.
Port rights with supply and repair facilities and permanent US presents in the Philippines, Singapore, Darwin
In South Korea there are ground forces as well.

Not close to China you say?? China is big, with long supply lines to the the remote areas along the borders with many countries, like Myanmar, India, Pakistan and even Afghanistan, henc an interest in ports and security in the Indian Ocean as well.

As I have said before; look at a map and imagine you are in charge of securing the supply routes to ALL of China’s far flung territories from an adversary hell bent on “containing” China and slowing down it’s march towards overtaking it.


the world is round anywhere the USA is sounds like an island around china to you?

Where did you get this “an adversary hell bent on “containing” China and slowing down it’s march towards overtaking it.”
The USA has huge bilateral trade with China, Trump is just making it fairer as China taxes all imports the USA doesnt
There was no contraints to shipping in the SC sea until the Chinese put some in place.
Have you been reading Mao’s little red book?

PS the Chinese own ( long lease) the port in Darwin and many others around the world


DP World, PSA, APM and Hutchinson runs container ports around the world. It is a commercial arrangement, just like the arrangement between NT and Landbridge.
Are anybody worried that the Danes will take over the world because they manage terminals in USA?

BTW; Landbridge Australia LLC management doesn’t have a single Chinese member:


Not sure what you mean there, Landbridge is a Chinese company


What I mean by that is that Darwin Port has been taken over by the Australian branch of Landbridge, which is fully managed by Australians with not a Chinese person in sight. It say so clearly in the link I posted.

That China is spreading it’s economic interests and influence through the One belt one road program is not exactly news, nor has it got anything to do with military expansion.


China is also spreading it’s wings to West Africa to fill a need for supply line security for China and economic development and aid without political or military demands for African countries:


this part of the press release is what is confusing then?

“A month after buying the Port of Darwin its new Chinese owner Ye Cheng made a surprising admission. In what appeared as an offhand remark, the founder and chairman of the Shandong Landbridge Group sought to link his newly acquired port with China’s global strategic and infrastructure strategy.”


Yes it is part of China’s global economic and infrastructure strategy and “our involvement in One Belt, One Road.”
China wants to play a bigger role in the global economy, with free and fair trade among all nations, which should be welcomed, not trying to isolate China from the rest of the world.


you seem to be the only person that thinks somebody is trying to isolate it from the rest of the world.
What caused this delusion?


you mean china with tax and duty on just about everything imported?
versus the USA with little to no tax on anything?