Two offshore wind deals could be milestones


Holy balooni!! It must be too hot and the air-conditioning not working where you are. Have a cold beer and calm down.

Nobody has contested that there are wind mills and solar parks in USA. I have only pointed out that Offshore wind power will be a major business in the US as well as in the rest of the world in the not too far future.

Those who want to be in the forefront to take advantage of that development will need to get in early.
It doesn’t help to complain that foreigners come in to take advantage of this fact if you sit on your backside and do nothing to learn the ropes , or to try to block the development by putting up regulatory walls, no matter how “beautiful” they may be.

China is getting it’s first Wind Farm Installation vessel from Europe, with the necessary expats on board to train Chinese to take over. You can bet your a** that the next one will be built in China, with Chinese made equipment where available, but imported equipment where needed.
They are realists and pragmatists first, nationalists second.

Chinese rigs are drilling in the Russian Arctic, in Norway, off Australia and New Zealand now.
Sooner or later you’ll see Chinese rigs, CSVs and Seismic vessels competing for contracts in US waters as well. Their Heavy Lift Vessels are already regular visitors, carrying rigs and offshore constructions for US companies.


Why does it take five years for approval?


Enviro-nazis and innovation crushing regulations.


They don’t see the long term benefits to the economy and the environment.

The Rampion Wind Farm is being built but the number of service vessels is already substantial and will remain so after installation is complete. That is long term employment.


Although Norway is not known for “Sun, Sand and Cheap Booze”, especially along the west coast, it doesn’t stop a small company based at the far end of the Sognefjord, with mountains blocking out direct sunshine for 4 months of the year, from aiming at world leadership in their segment of the Solar industry:

It is not dependent on cheap labour to compete with China, or USA, only on innovation and automation. The other thing they have is cheap energy from abundant Hydro Electric sources.