Two offshore wind deals could be milestones


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I did not say that the US should make foreign companies train Americans in Europe. I said that if the European companies were serious about using any Americans for offshore wind in The US, that they would bring some Americans to Europe and train them. They have not. They are not serious about creating any American jobs

They are only serious about doing what they have done in the GULF, claiming that there are no qualified Americans so they need waivers to use European vessels with European officers and Filipinos .

You fooled us once with that trick. Don’t expect it to work twice. Americans are not quite as stupid as you think.


I know you didn’t. I replied to c.captain’s post.
I agree with you and I think they will do that if they were allowed to operate on a purely commercial basis.

As long as politicians and others try to stop foreign companies from operating in the US to develop what would be a very important new industry, there is little incentive for them to bring Americans across to train them.

When USA was the undisputed leaders in the offshore oil and gas industry they took advantage of the opportunities to establish operation around the world. At the same time, they hired locals who learnt the business and eventually could run the show by themselves.

It is called “transfer of knowledge and technology” and to the advantage of both parties.
By sitting on your high horse and think you have nothing to learn from others, you get to make all the expensive mistakes that others have already learnt from.

cchik001 & c.captain:

Calling everything that doesn’t tally with your view of the world 'anti-american" and everybody not agreeing with you “STOOPID” doesn’t help much in keeping an amicable thone in any discussion


Paul LaPage is just one governor of one small state. He hates solar power and wind. He claims that poor people are forced to subsidize solar and wind for rich people. LaPage will be replaced by a new governor in 18 months. The policies will be changed again to support solar and wind.

It did not help the wind industry that they chose to build the “pilot” wind project on the fishing grounds close to a small but very influential Island. A guy named Thomas Edison use to have a summer home on that Island. You may have heard of him. He is the American who invented the electric light bulb. I believe his grandson still has a summer home there. I hear that a lot of folks with expensive homes on that island don’t want to look at wind mills anymore than the Kennedys did. I hear that fishermen want to get tangled up in them. Big wind tried to ignore people on a little island that turned out to have big money and big political influence.

No dirty tricks at all.


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How is foreign companies going to invest in a country who can change the rules after the deal is made?

That’s the thing about Hywind, it can be installed at 120 to 700 meter depths, that open up areas long out of view of nimbys.


Please continue to try to convince yourself that you have never stirred that pot, ombugge, and that you are the one being targeted. The few times I’ve tried a calm discourse with you, you’ve gone straight for the jugular. We get it - America bad. Calling everything that doesn’t tally with your view of the world anti ombugge and everybody not agreeing with you STOOPID doesn’t help much in keeping an amicable tone in any discussion either. I am NOT anti offshore wind, contrary to the conclusions you have mistakenly drawn. I think it’s a great industry for countries that need it. I would love to work in that industry but I can’t look forward to that because the US has it pretty much figured out already and the space to do it on. That was my point. I am not anti -renewable energy, the US, as a whole, is not anti - renewable energy - we just go about it in different ways because we have a lot of resources and space to support it. So calm down, and keep a civil tongue in your head, and maybe you’ll get better responses.




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Looks like a wall around the south. Is it Fraqrat you are trying to keep in?