Two offshore wind deals could be milestones


? I have not seen any challenges from Fraqrat.

You are getting soft working as a junkyard salesman, I’m expecting harsher words than this.


The US went completely crazy with environmental rules along time ago. Some of it is very necessary, but a lot of it is total nonsense that drives up the cost of everything. The cost of the average house in the US contains something like $40,000 in environmental rule costs. Hopefully, we are now getting a long overdue roll back of maybe 10 percent of these excessive environmental rules.

Remember the Kennedy Family? The Kennedy Compound in Hyannis?

Those great environmental champions in the Kennedy family held up the first proposed offshore wind project in Nantucket Sound for over 30 years — just because they didnt want to see it — from the Kennedy Compound.

The only reason that offshore wind is even being considered in the US, is that most places in the US will not allow windmills to be built on anywhere that anyone can see them.


That’s too bad, offshore wind is going to become a huge industry. If Statoil is successful with Hywind, you can build fields out of sight from land and as big as you like.

But maybe not in the US


The funny part was that the company that got shot down (pretty sure it was the same company) ended up placing one or two wind turbine units on the Mass Maritime campus…


No need to - I don’t have any idea why Block Island went this route but over all, we have huge wind farms close to cities/towns that utilize them on land. And any wind farms going in offshore in the GoM are being installed by jackups and barges. Not to mention the solar energy this country produces. You can have the offshore wind stuff. Not cost effective enough for the U.S.


So you prefer 100% of nothing “to protect US jobs”, while rejecting the possibility of creating a major “new” industry employing thousands in the not too far future by allowing foreign companies to develop infrastructure and transfer knowledge to US entities and train US personnel to take over?


Have you already forgotten how many times I said I would LOVE to see the US have a thriving offshore wind farm industry but explain, in many ways, how we actually have some space here in the US and its not cost effective enough to really take off here? This isn’t some little Ohio sized country dude, we got space. And they are using it! A lot of it. For wind AND solar on LAND - the infra structure is already there for that.


here you show us the smug SOB you are once again…

why are Norwegian companies needed in the USA to install wind turbine fields offshore just because they might have a vessel or two built for the job? why can’t you get it through your dense square head that Americans can do the work themselves thankyou very much. There is nothing to installing a wind turbine in shallow water that somehow requires knowledge and ability which are proprietary to Norwegians. They are just here taking the work because like in the offshore our government is allowing them to and not mandating that the work go to US companies, vessels and workers. ENOUGH OF THIS GREAT ONE SIDED GIVEAWAY!


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Are the pay actually lower, or are you comparing “Day rate” while actually on board with permanent employment? (I.e. payment for 365 days/year at even time)?
Besides, Europeans have health care, pension and a whole host of other benefits included.

Have you asked yourself why?


sorry you missed it earlier…I am indebted to Monsieur Fraqrat for his artistry

I know you’re going whine to have this taken down now as you did with my last salvo sent…

it figures


because our government doesn’t make them hire Americans just as they don’t have to in the GoM.


Nice attempt at stirring the usual Anti-US pot there, Mr. ombugge. This all has NOTHING to do with how stupid Americans are because this particular industry hasn’t taken off over here. It has more to do with the fact that we’ve been doing it for a while - just not offshore. Welcome to the wind farm club!


Yes you have made this same statement MANY times and it still does not make any sense.
Maybe you should study the reality of why offshore wind power is becoming a major industry in Europe, China and soon to be so in America.


I hear the Dutch had some windmills some time back, as did Spain. (And Ohio)
There was a fellow trying to fight one in Spain I believe. Don’t make the same mistake.


I did not report you, why should I? It was a weak salvo, you’re getting old.


No no. I would be in favor of what you just said, foreign technology, foreign training, and some initial foreign participation are all fine, but . . .

I am very much in favor of solar, especially roof top solar. I don’t know enough about wind to have a strong feeling one way or another. We need a lot more roof top solar. Wind?

I’m not in favor of allowing offshore wind to be developed in the way the deep water Gulf has been developed. With more and more foreign domination of the best jobs , and fewer an fewer jobs for Americans and American companies. No. No way.

But that is exactly the direction I see US offshore wind going.

How many Americans is the offshore wind industry training in Europe? None? Why not?

Have European wind companies have set up factory’s to build windmills in the US. No? Why not?

How many of those Euro-design jack up barges with all the Norwegian bells and whistles are they building in the US? None? Why not?

I know why not. Because they have no intention of ever allowing Americans to build this equipment or have any sognificant number of these jobs.


In June, the Legislature, at the behest of Gov. Paul LePage, passed a law that forced the PUC to delay negotiations on a contract with Statoil and reopen the RFP process it closed in 2011.

Because you use dirty tricks to keep us away?


US Gov. “making” European companies hiring Americans to work in the offshore wind industry in Europe??
Congratulation!! Even Donald Trump could think up something like that.


It doesn’t make any sense to you probably because your skull is extremely thick and you refuse to grasp what I am telling you because it goes counter to your ideas and therefore, is wrong. Speaking of the fellow fighting wind mills in Spain. So here for your reading enjoyment -,,


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