Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


Captain is trying to get the crew to sign foreign articles
I’m not a sea lawyer.
Does this make any sense for the crew?
Or is this guy a company stooge?
The ship cannot get UW.
Why would any Captain suggest articles?


The only thing keeping them there keeping the lights on and the anchor from dragging.


Have the captain sign guys off and take the rescue boat to shore


Yeah that’s what I figured. I’d have to admire and respect that.


Call MEBA. That’s what your union is for


The captain sounds like a moron.

The MEBA business agent in Long Beach should be visiting the ship every day and advising the crew until MEBA can get them off and repatriate them home. MEBA should get them off today. In fact, MEBA should have gotten them off weeks ago.

Caretaking the ship that has been abandoned by the company is not the unpaid crew’s problem. It can be reported abandoned to the harbormaster and captain of the port, they will take over from there. That’s their job.

Hopefully, this really is the end of TAL.


This criminal is complicite with the owners…

Signing foreign articles means you sacrifice all pay if you leave without being signed off by the master



I pray the crew doesn’t allow themselves to be bullshitted into this.


This really ia as bad as it gets when the master acts as such a WILLING HANDMAIDEN STOOGE for such SCUM SUCKING SLUGS that is TAL’s miserable ownership


I would have thought they were already on foreign articles…


Geysir has had all statutory certificates revoked by USCG.
SMC is invalidated by NK for major non-conformity’s including MLC issues such as pay. MLC Statement of Voluntary Compliance has been revoked.

USCG has revoked the company DOC making all ships unable to legally move.
I understand that pretty much everyone involved is refusing to continue any inspections until fees are paid by the company and that included USCG.


What is the status of the Transatlantic? Same?


The revoked DOC affects Transatlantic as well. Ship can not trade while company has no DOC.
USCG and class will have to carry out audit at the company to re-validate the DOC before anything else.
Without payment of overdue invoices I think class and USCG are not doing any inspections or audits for the company or any of their ships.


it sounds like TAL is a dead company now.


THANK FUCKING GOD! now let us hope that a genuine operator comes forward to take over the runs and carry the cargoes. There are several out there who can do this who are standup companies and I hope that the miserable bottom feeding likes of TAL never returns (although that is doubtful)


Let’s just get the crew off safely first



btw, this is the miserable little PUKE who is behind this hideous operation

nobnobbing with his Greenwich society pals which his mariners live and work on filthy, unsafe and deplorable vessels getting shit wages


As I recall, a seamen has a right to demand discharge and pay off when a ship is unsafe, I.e., out of class, or without a COI. Transatlantic has been under USCG detention for safety deficiencies for more than a month. The crew is unpaid since May. They have a right to sign off.

If the master is refusing to sign off the crew, they should report him to the USCG, and their union, MEBA, and they should add the Master personally as a named defendant in their lawsuit.


The crew was advised by the above “little puke” that all their contracts are now voided (it doesn’t legally work that way) and that they will be finding their own way home, i.e. pay for your own flight. The ship is not at a dock currently as it is anchored away from the dock area so a launch will need to be called, at a rate of $230+ for the crew.


i’ll launch the rhib off my boat and pick them up for free…it would take me a few trips though.
there are five launch companies in long beach, and I would hope at least one of them would comp it for their fellow seafarers.