Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


That is true (with a few narrow exceptions) for the Jones Act trade, but not the foreign trade.

Foreign built vessels are reflagged US and use in foreign trade. For example, according to my research, the Transatlantic was built in China. Remember when US lines built new ships in Korea?


“You can’t re-flag a foreign vessel to U.S. registry, unless that vessel has been seized by the U.S. government and sold at auction.”

Yes you can if that ship is under MSP. Maersk and APL do it continuously.


Wrong. You can flag any vessel US, it just won’t be eligible for coastwise trade (Jones Act trade).


I believe both of their ships were built in China. I know for a fact that the Transatlantic was built there.


No…GAYSIR was built at New Orleans, Louisiana in 1980 as the AMAZONIA to operate in the Caribbean/South America trade. After that owner crashed and burned she somehow ended up under the Norwegian flag for a time. Why any Norwegian would be caught dead owning such a pile is beyond me.


I stand corrected.


Too busy (lazy) to look it up but I thought there was a prohibition against returning to US flag after being flagged out.


I believe you lose coastwise trade privileges.


She is still under ABS Class, renewed 12. May, 2017:
The ISM certificate was issued by NKK 01. June, 2017
She was under NIS flag from 11/99 to 05/02


You can be US Flagged but not Jones Act approved.


The Geysir’s COI has been pulled. The crew still hasn’t been paid


no problem…it’s all good

we should get together for lunch again one of these days


TAL owner abandons crew of MV Transatlantic anchored off of Long Beach


More details please.
I commend the folks with their witty user names that have shared info in this thread, but let’s try being less cryptic.
Coincidentally I know a guy who knows a guy who somehow got bullshitted into taking a mate’s spot in lb recently…poor guy…




Long beach


I’m curious.
What does ‘abandoning the crew’ entail?
Besides failing to pay them, have they now discontinued food and water rations?


Btw…I am thinking of a certain Seattle based ship operator who might be positioned to go after some of the former TAL cargoes but doubt they would leaving Schuyler Line very well positioned if they can get the money to add to their fleet. On top of everything else…such a great time to buy.

Put the old MARGARET CHOUEST (AKIRA) back together and voila. Or buy a foreign built small con/ro.


OK. I’ve been in touch with people on this ship.
They have definitely been abandoned.
That ship needs to be brought pierside and the crew onboard liberated.
And the Owner arrested.


At this point why not order their own launch and leave?
I’d have to admire them for not saying fuck it and leaving that ship at anchor unattended.knowing how things happen they’d probably get in trouble for dereliction of duty regardless on how they are getting screwed. What a mess!