Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


So AMO take care of the bridge guys




well we know that TAL ain’t going bankrupt vis this bit of news

U.S.-flag lines get Transcom awards totaling $871 million

JULY 26, 2017 — U.S. Transportation Command has awarded eleven U.S.-flag shipping lines contract modifications worth a total of more than $871 million.

All the awards are option year contract modifications for international ocean and intermodal distribution services.

Work will be performed worldwide as specified on each individual order, and is expected to be completed Aug. 31, 2018.

The U.S. Transportation Command, Directorate of Acquisition, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, is the contracting activity.

The shipping lines and estimated amounts are:

American President Lines Ltd Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona $230,749,372

Maersk Line Ltd, Norfolk, Virginia $204,458,639

Matson Navigation Co. Inc., Oakland, California $85,515,856

Hapag-Lloyd USA LLC, Piscataway, New Jersey $82,626,528

American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier LLC, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey $60,071,134

Farrell Lines Inc., Norfolk, Virginia $57,755,370

Liberty Global Logistics LLC, Lake Success, New York $50,062,446

TOTE Maritime Alaska Inc., Federal Way, Washington $27,313,474

Central Gulf Lines Inc., Mobile, Alabama $21,979,331

TransAtlantic Lines, Greenwich, Connecticut $18,480,592

TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico LLC, Jacksonville, Florida $18,079,097

Young Brothers Ltd, Honolulu, Hawaii $16,595,001

FUCK! I had hoped they were a dead company walking! $18.5M is $51,000 a day! FOR WHAT?


It should be easy to make very good money with a small ship those sorts of contracts. You can buy a nice European built 5 year old ship for about $5 million. The hardest part of it would be learning how to bid these fat contracts.


These numbers are estimates and not committed dollars from the US Government. If TAL cannot get the vessel off the dock they cannot get a booking. It is extremely unlikely they will get anywhere close to $18mil even if these vessel’s were in perfect condition. I understand they were at $4mil in 2016 from Transcom.

The rumors the crew are not getting paid in addition to other allegations are all expensive to defend. Legal action is starting in several locations. Should be fun to watch.

SPENCE - At the bottom of the Atlantic
TRANSATLANTIC - in LA - Lost its cargo
GEYSIR - in JAX - Lost its cargo
Barge EXPRESS - ??


I’m surprised they haven’t paid the crew yet. It’s small money that the owners could find easily enough. The fallout from holding back on crew wages is not worth the damage it does to the company.

Is MEBA doing anything for the crew?


They were advertising for qmeds not too long ago. $200 a day.
If you go by that as an inkling on what they pay all the other billets it makes me wonder why they can’t make payroll?


I can’t imagine how much of a scum bag the crew manager is to hire new people and send them to the ship when he knows no one’s being paid.


Plenty of out of work people too would jump on $ 200 a day also, unfortunately…and I assume somebody did jump on it because the ad wasn’t up very long…


I know they jumped on it because in one of the other TAL threads the guy says they got new oilers onboard.


Ship still at anchor. TAL finally filed for permit to proceed to shipyard in Ensenada, Mexico to clear outstanding deficiencies. Crew still has not been paid. Ship almost ran out of diesel today, company failed to send fuel barge until last minute. Barge showed up with just enough diesel left on board to run the generators for a few more hours. Crew quits left and right, new crewmembers show up unannounced, completely uninformed of the situation. Water taxi service is owed over 50 thousand dollars, and is only doing up front cash trips, and emergency trips. Ships agent is no longer doing business with the company, so crew members leaving and coming are getting themselves to and from the airport. TAL upper management is showing their true colors with total and complete neglect/ disregard of the crew’s health and safety.


Have you contacted MEBA’s lawyers yet?


I’m curious what outstanding deficiencies there are.


Wage lawsuit has been filed through MEBA, as of early July. Those involved were told 20 to 30 days for lawsuit to go through. MEBA is not doing a good job of keeping those involved updated.


TAL has been paying welders up front to do repairs on board over the past week or two to clear deficiencies but can’t pay their own crewmembers. Crew on board are absolutely livid. Welders were made aware of the situation and refused to do work without payment up front (very smart), and the company gave in. Not sure where this money is coming from. This must be against the law somehow?


Any info on how to get involved in the lawsuit being brought against them?


Is Mexico a signatory to the MLC?

If so, ask Mexican authorities to seize the ship under the MLC for non-payment of crew wages, and to prohibit any repairs until the crew is paid. In Mexico the agent will come aboard with the Navy, Customs, Immigration, and other officials. Maybe 5 to 10 officials. The agent is the only one who will speak much English.

The local MEBA agent AND THE CREW should contact the USCG OMCI and ask him to suspend the permit to proceed to Ensenada until the crew is paid. Insolvency is an unseaworthy condition. The USCG doesn’t want to do the company any favors, and I it ought to look out for the crew.

I would not be surprised if unpaid Long Beach vendors have the ship arrested before it can leave.

As I recall, there is only one shipyard in Ensenada. I’m not sure how many ship agencies there are, but one of them is right on the dock at the shipyard. Someone might want to call the all the agents and the shipyard in Ensenada, and let them know that the company cannot pay the crew or their vendors in Long Beach. The ship might be told not to come.

If you go to Ensenada, it’s no longer the grubby fishing town that it was 30 years ago. They have cruise ships and lots of tourists now. It’s a fun liberty port, but travel in groups at night, don’t drink anything that you have not maintained control of from the moment it was opened, dont’ get too far from from the crowded areas, and be careful. If you do that it will be safe enough.


Yes, do everything @tugsailor just suggested.

What OCMI issued the permit to proceed?


According to Marine traffic, the other TAL ship, GEYSIR , is alongside the dock in Jacksonville. Have those guys been paid? If not,have they called MEBA and the USCG, Florida Dept.of Labor, etc. etc. for help? If the unpaid crew and MEBA points out some deficiencies, the USCG should be able to find enough reasons to detain the GEYSIR until the crew is paid.

I’m glad to see that MEBA is acting like a real labor union, providing lawyers, and representing their unpaid members/pledges on the TRANSATLANTIC. I hope they are helping the rest of the crew too.


Where did you see that MEBA was providing legal assistance for Officers on the Transatlantic?
I missed that.