Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


I get the impression that no one bothered contact the union about it since they claimed to not know. They sent me the contact information for the law firm they use though so if anyone from the Transatlantic wants a lawyer let me know.


Someone from the MEBA union hall in LA/LB should go visit the ship and talk to their boys.


They would still need to contact the lawyers so I’m not sure what good that would do.


Seems to me that MEBA ought to show a little interest in the welfare of their boys, the boys on the other TAL ship too. That’s what unions are supposed to do. Why would MEBA expect you to do their job for them?

Its hard to believe that the boys didn’t call their union after not being paid for two months.


The company fired and replaced all the senior officers after the vote happened and they aren’t technically union members yet that I’m aware of so I expect no one thought to contact MEBA.


Wow. MEBA is doing a hell of a job. The company fires all the guys that voted MEBA in and then did nothing about it? no

I suspect the half of TALs engineers are MEBA members working scab under the table while they age their shipping cards before going to sit in the union hall for a job off the board. They don’t call MEBA because they are hiding from MEBA.


I know for a fact that a number of the engineers that, at least used to, work there are doing exactly that.


The union filled a few unfair labor practice complaints on behalf of some people (the people that informed the union of what happened) but then it comes down to the NLRB doing an investigation and deciding there was something illegal. They are an “at will employment” company so it’s hard to prove intent.


Under such circumstances, a real union would be sending the port agents to the ships every time the ships make port to find out what’s going on. There would be union pickets of the ships in every port. There would be union pickets in front of TALs office. MEBA would be prosecuting a class action lawsuit against TAL on behalf of every fired TAL/MEBA pledge officer.

If MEBA cannot wage a fight against a little rust bucket company like TAL (that cannot even afford to pay its crew), what effing good is MEBA ? MEBA is not even pretending to try. This is not what “union representation” is suppose to be. This is not what the TAL employees voted for. Nor is this fair to the other union companies that must compete against TAL for government contracts. Nor does this encourage the great majority of non-union companies to treat their crews fairly to keep the unions out. MEBA is worse than TAL.

All of the American maritime unions are such a pathetic joke.


I think you have an inflated idea of the power a union has. If they strike the owner can simply replace everyone, which is very easy when you only have 2 ships.

This kind of firing has to go through the NLRB, so no lawsuit.

It seems to me like they’re doing everything they can. It’s not their fault no one on board told them about the pay situation.


even if there is not a contract in place with MEBA to represent the officers, the union should certainly become involved in this by filing the paperwork and put up the required bond with the US Marshall to have the ship arrested for no other reason than to prevent the owner from getting away with what he obviously is doing. No better way to send the message that we are here and prepared to thwart you in this. However although I hold the MEBA in higher esteem than the AMO, I don’t hold them in infinite esteem. If there is not much in this for the MEBA, I can see them sitting on their hands. A bigger company and they’d be in the trenches with the mariners but two ships doesn’t make them say there is money we are losing here.


Again, MEBA didn’t appear to know about the situation. Let’s see what happens when/if the ship’s crew gets off their asses and calls the union’s lawyers.


I’m not sure I would expect the union to bring in the cavalry. They most likely will find jobs for the guys that voted to join the union and let the insolvent company fail whilst putting the word out to their contracted comapanies that some MSC contracts are about to open up. They are not going to spend more on attorneys and filing fees than what the wage settlement would be.


Not likely. No one is actually a member yet, the senior officers that were fired were definitely never members. Plus, the answer would be “you’re welcome to go sit in the hall as an applicant.” (That’s my only complaint about the way the union is handling this.)


The least that MEBA should do is: visit the ships at every port where they have a hall, and, place the members/pledges that were fired in new MEBA jobs.

MEBA is a large well funded LABOR UNION, or at least it is supposed to be. It should do everything it legally can to compel TAL to pay the crew, and rehire the guys who were fired. MEBA needs to make an example out of TAL.

Instead this little foreign owned rust bucket company is making a toothless example out of MEBA and all maritime labor unions.


That would be nice.


That’s too bad. I’ve seen this happen on a couple occasions with AMO and they took care of the prospective members.


In a situation like this, MEBA has the same obligation to its pledges that it does to its full members. Since MEBA was elected by the TAL officers, and is the official and exclusive NLRB sanctioned representative of all officers, it has the same obligation to represent all of them as it would any other member at any other company.

If MEBA doesn’t step up and do the right thing, and take proper care of its TAL officers, what mariner that learns of this would ever sign a MEBA pledge card in the future? Or for that matter, any maritime union’s pledge card?

If MEBA does not take proper care of these men that it formally represents, how can any other MEBA member have confidence it MEBA?

If MEBA will allow a tiny foreign owned rust bucket company like TAL to beat it and it’s pledges/members into submission, why would any other company ever take MEBA seriously again?

MEBA needs to do what it promised and was elected to do, represent all of the TAL officers and do whatever it has to, to get them paid, and if necessary, get them new jobs. MEBA also needs to be a big-brother and make sure that the unlicensed crew gets paid too. If MEBA refuses or fails to do this, it is worse than TAL?


In American society, we applaud and respect people and organizations with the principles and integrity to do the right thing when it is inconvenient, costly and painful to do the right thing

We don’t respect people or organizations that abandon their integrity, principles and obligation to do the right thing just to save a few short-term expenses. To the contrary, we scorn them.

MEBA’s fundamental principles, credibility, and integrity are on the line here. It will be interesting for American mariners to learn what MEBA really stands for?


This is what happens when you have several unions in a dying industry. They care more about undercutting the other unions and collecting the most dues! What a joke.