The Best Anchor Tattoos


You fly me to Germany… I’ll tell you all about my nautical tattoos…

Head to a port city like Brennan or Bremerhaven and hangout at the Seaman Centers… buy the boys a few beers and you will get some good stories … crossing the Equator, International Day Line…

Lots of sailors tattoos have mean from experiences…
Mine are like a road map of my career… kinda like Russian prison tattoos


Left shoulder. Spring 1966, San Francisco. Fouled anchor with USN. Done by Lyle Tuttle. Cost $7.50, and that was almost 1/10 of a month’s pay. Badly faded now, and thinking of having it redone.


When we got liberty from boot camp in San Diego I would go up to Doc Webb’s and eventually got a square rigger on my fore arm. Got something from Lyle Tuttle too but had it covered up as it had a woman’s name in it. Got a ship’s anchor from Bert Grimm in Long Beach, dragon in Hong Kong & others. All old school sailor tats.
Will try to upload.

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