Smoking on Cruise ships and effects on the crew!


No! Not really! But it seems that smokers are much more vocal than none smokers! (just like all addicts!)


Ok… yes I’m a smoker (been trying to quit for years… don’t start on me on that though), but if you’ll listen and read my whole response, maybe you’ll understand Professional Seamen a little more completely and why you got the response you did barging in with post #1 and demanding action.

It’s been said that going to sea is “Like prison with a chance of drowning.” Yeah, pretty true… and with that, on ships comes a VERY strong, “don’t screw with another person unless you’re ready for a beatdown” (verbal or otherwise) just like in prison. We’re in very confined spaces with people we may or may not know for weeks or months at a time. Yes, even on that massive cruise ship you were on, you’d be shocked by how small even the officer quarters are (I literally couldn’t turn around in the shower in my room and at the time I was a scrawny 150# kid).

With that confinement though, comes a great deal of tolerance. If we can’t sense an immediate effect on us, we’re likely to shrug our shoulders and go “whatever floats your boat dude.” We’re all very live, and let live. You might get the impression that we’re a squabbling bunch of kids from looking on here. True… we are, and my wife knows that there are days that I refer to my crew as “my 12 bratty kids.” But with that, there’s a degree of respect for each other’s space, interests, and ignoring their vices if one can. I’m betting at least one respondent on this thread is a non-smoker believe it or not, and is in the fight just because someone tried to take something away from a shipmate.

We’re funny like that, we come from all walks of life; all races, religions, nationalities, genders, sexualities… hell, even drastically different education backgrounds. On the streets at home, we may never cross paths with the people we work with because of silly “outside world social reasons,” but on the boats, we will stand up for each other because we’re one big fucked up family that has to work together there.

(As an aside, yes, we know smoking is bad for us, but on ships, there are a million things that could kill us a whole lot quicker that are of much higher priority than whether a whiff of smoke from a cig came through the ventilation system into our room.)

Aside #2: One other thing:

You aren’t EVER supposed to see crew smoking in the cruise industry, so if you mentioned it to any cruise staff, you got those people fired probably.


Last week we had a little shindig in the crew mess. I was talking to the 1st Mate. He was complaining about oh this and that. Threatening to find a job ashore. You know how some people are at a certain point in their hitch. I didn’t mean to put it so plainly, but I said something to the effect of: Look, we all get along because we have to. We learn to. Shore people don’t have those skills. That’s why we’re better.

He smiled unexpectedly, agreed and seemed surprised and pleased. Even if its not strictly speaking true, (how can I say, “we’re better,” and not sound like a c_nt?) it feels true sometimes, and there is something about us that I love more than most other people. Tribalism isn’t a popular mindset among the erudite, but… whatever. What you said, @jbtam99


As I recall, most of the time I saw them they were ashore on their own time. And I am not trying to take away anyone’s right to smoke, as long as it is not in the same inside air that I and my wife have to breath! HAVING A SMOKING SECTION IN A SHIP IS LIKE HAVING A WEE WEE SECTION IN A SWIMMING POOL!


You are a passenger. It is your choice to be there. You don’t have to do anything. If you don’t like it, find a more ethical way to spend your cash. What are you hoping for here? We seem to agree that crew aren’t allowed to smoke where passengers can see them. Your problem is with your fellow precious puffing cargo pieces, it seems. Why bring it to us?


So what does that have to do with the crew and their rights as the title of the thread would lead us to believe? I’m more worried about the crew’s livers in the crew bar from dealing with crap like this every day.

Tried to put it nicely before, but I guess I’m not clear enough, you’re barking up the wrong tree bitching about the passengers smoking in this forum. There are several forums for cruisers where you could whine to the other cattle and maybe find a sympathetic ear. But here on a forum of mostly us OSV “boat trash,” and cargo ship crews? Here you and your ilk are cargo. Pure and simple. You’re a 1 meter square in a lifeboat seat. And a PFD to inspect. And you’re using up our potable water. Beyond that, you’re cargo, and as long as that cargo offloads with no bruises or extra holes, we’ve done our job. So kindly move along before I have the purser escort you back to your room for the remainder of the voyage, and thank you for cruising with gCaptain.