Smoking on Cruise ships and effects on the crew!


I am just wondering if the crew of a Cruise ship has any rights or recourse dealing with smoking on a cruise ship? When I was in the US NavY in the 70’s, you could pretty much still smoke every where. Now, as I understand it, You cannot smoke anywhere indoors. And the cruise lines have limited smoking to some extent. The problem is, now they let them puff away in the Casino and the casino bar area. The Problem is, you must pass through that deck to get to any place on the ship that is worth going to! And now, since it is the only indoor place (pretty much) all the smoking booze hounds and gamblers “LIVE THERE!” And as anyone who has been on a ship knows, that smoke will eventually get to every nook and cranny on the ship! I actually had an officer, WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, MIND YOU, say to me: Sir, we have a none smoking section in the Casino!!! So, also with a straight face, I said to him: “ISN’T THAT A BIT LIKE HAVING A WEE WEE SECTION IN THE SWIMMING POOL?” Now I realize that once the ship leaves port and is out of territorial waters, most bets are off! But should not the crew, who are subjected to this every hour of every day for their entire tour, have some international protection? Yes Yes, the cruise line will say that the gamblers won’t come, but they said that about the smokers in New York, and just the reverse happened! The bars did better, and the ones that served food did much better! Hey, I know what it is like to have that “MONKEY ON YOUR BACK!” I CARRIED HIM AROUND FOR 31 YEARS, UNTIL MY MOM WAS DIAGNOSED WITH LUNG CANCER AND DIED AT 64!!!
There were nearly 1400 crew on this ship, DON’T THEY HAVE ANY RIGHTS?


They have the right to buy duty free smokes.

The percentage of crew smokers is probably about 10 times higher than the passengers. Stop supporting the cruise industry if you don’t like the idea other folks might smoke.

p.s. I’m not a smoker


The question of smoking areas really revolves around the Cruise Line’s policy and the laws of the flag state under which the ship sails. I would suggest you not cruise or if you do, stay away from the casino and its bar area. Those most exposed to second hand smoke (assuming they are not smokers themselves) are the Casino staff, not the full hotel staff or the operational crew (Deck & Engine departments). Clearly much less then the 1400 you refer to.

From the cruise ships I have been aboard the Casino can be avoided if one so desires. Not that it matters, gambling is not my thing, nor do I smoke.

Just my 2 cents.


I worked on cruise ships at the beginning of my career. Trust me, the crew can get to anywhere, from anywhere on the ship without passing through the casino.

Not only can they avoid the areas they wish to, it also gives them the ability to avoid the whiney annoying passengers complaining about the smoky casino too.

Don’t like it? Don’t sail on them. Might I suggest Windjammer or Seabourne cruises if you want a different experience than the casino cruise.


Sir, I believe you to be incorrect! This was our 38th cruise, totaling 250 days, and I can count the number of crew I have seen smoking on one hand. They are not allowed to smoke in their cabins or the crew lounge. And as far as them having Rights! Sure they have rights, BUT THEIR RIGHT TO SMOKE ENDS WHERE OUR RIGHT TO BREATH BEGINS, AT THE DOOR! They can go outside and burn for all I care, and I will defend that right to the death, but inside an enclosed area such as a ship? DON’T THE 82.8% OF THE REST OF US HAVE RIGHTS TOO!! ESPECIALLY WHEN ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS GET THEIR LAZY BACKSIDES UP AND GO OUT SIDE WHEN THE MONKEY GETS TOO HEAVY!! I USED TO DO IT!!


one of the best tactics to not fall off the wagon and start smoking again is to be a bold faced prick to those who still smoke.

how do you feel about vaping?


Sir, I suggest you speak the the Chief Engineer on any ship that allows smoking. He can show you just how dirty “BROWN” the air filters get THROUGH OUT THE ENTIRE SHIP! (you cannot escape it!) On most decent size Cruise ships you have 20 elevators that go from the highest levels in the ship to the lowest. (six of them practically in the Casino) Then there are multiple stairwells and the ventilation system. Why should over 80% of us have to go way our of our way, just so some inconsiderate people can puff away?


I don’t know too much about it, But I do know that I can still smell something when near someone, but it has to be better than coffin nails! And people may not realize that the Casino on the ship is usually located on the main Promenade deck, which runs the length of the ship. and where most everything you want to go to is on that deck, so there is no escape!


I would, but he’d have to put out his cigarette to do that and that would just be mean. I’d also have to put mine out which would annoy me greatly.


When I was a smoker I never smoked inside, at home or on the boat. I hate the smell.
most employers have a policy that a smoker only has rights until the non-smoker has a grievance…
you are really fired up about this and appear to want to argue over an issue that most if not all would agree with you, so why argue?

if you despise second hand smoke so much it may help to sail in a non-recreational maritime environment? gambling is synonymous with drinking and smoking.

I will say there are way less people smoking in the workboat industry than before, especially if I was going to compare things to when I started 20 years ago.


Well, Unfortunately, I have to use a Wheel Chair now, so not only is it difficult to get an elevator, But it would usually make it necessary for me to take two elevators to bypass the worst of it, but it still permeates through the entire ship, don’t kid yourself!


So you’re actually complaining about the smoke for your own sake. Not out of a humanitarian concern for the crew like your OP suggested. I see.

Well I would suggest complaining to the cruise ship company instead of here where a) we can do nothing about it, and b) couldn’t care less as long as our cabin doesn’t smell like smoke from the inside smoking area on our tanker full of carcinogens which we’re inhaling fumes from every day.


ever been to vegas? if you haven’t you wouldn’t like it…


Too bad. Just because you want to play the victim card doesn’t mean anyone else needs to comply with your personal demands to conform to your wishes, or even give a shit about them.

If it is such a big problem for you then stay away from cruise ships. Complain to them, not us.


Reckon Cruise crews have more to complain about than smokers. Poor bastards.


Never work on any vessel where the cargo can talk!


HA! That’s another awesome thing one of my captains said to me, “Never work on a cruise ship, it’s got cargo that bitches”


Meh, it’s not so bad. Course the ink was still wet on my license so I didn’t know any better probably. Between that and sailing out of Galveston close to home, it wasn’t horrible. Though it was AMO and the company went bankrupt in two months. So it wasn’t that great either.


I was merely exploring what other people who make a living on ships opinions were! Having been an inconsiderate smoker for part of my life, I know there is no point discussing it with people who still have the monkey on their back and dig through the trash cans for old butts when they run out of cigs! (been there, done that! Got the tee shirt!)


Well, but did you get your answer, Sir?