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The office should pay a lot less. There is a lot of value to being home every night. The office usually has much better benefits and status too?

It’s a trade off. Which is better depends upon the person and his stage of life. Sometimes the office is better. Sometimes going to sea is better. It’s good if one can do both as it best suits his needs.


sure but do those skilled mariners end up in the office to support all those guys still at sea?
No some 2nd mate flunky enjoys his position of power over all the captains and that explains the industry.


Another oil storage tank went up in flames in Singapore yesterday:

More details from CNA:


The biggest is yet to come…


Singapore is cracking down even harder on the cheaters in the bunkering industry:


Singapore aim to become a regional gateway for LNG traders:


Another collision in Singapore waters:

But maybe this new development will reduce the risk??: