Puerto Rico - Statehood and attack on the Jones Act


[QUOTE=LI_Domer;173586]What’s hard to take is that this all has nothing to do with Puerto Rico. If you have new opinions you want to talk about make a new thread about them. That’s how forums work. It’s not supposed to be a rambling conversation every topic that is brushed upon.[/QUOTE]

Yes I agree, you should not stray too far from the subject of the thread, but at the same time discussions some time evolve “naturally”.

So far I have generally replied to posts by others that have either made statements, or asked questions that just begged to be replied in the thread where they are asked, otherwise the flow of the debate would be lost.

I’ll do my level best to stay within topic, but I may reply to direct challenges and questions in the thread(s) where they are placed. I make no excuses for having opinions that may be contrary to the majority here on the forum though.

You may be happy to know that I’ll be silent here for a while, as I’m going to China tomorrow for a short job there.

But don’t despair, I’LL BE BACK!! (To paraphrase a famous American)