Puerto Rico - After The Hurricane News


Did anyone use that Jones Act waiver? I doubt it.


I do not think so?? not sure… trumpty dumpty doesn’t give a damn about Puerto Rico and the people living there, or American Mariners he needs to be removed from office sooner than later…


You’re an idiot, of course he cares about rebuilding Puerto Rico. His kids are using all their offshore shell companies to buy up property on the cheap right now. As soon as all the real estate deals close then the funds start pouring in from the mainland to build everything up.


You are most likely correct. Glad you were not affected by Nate. Cheers… have to give that moonshine a try sometime never seen that. We had a block party just recently and a stockbroker/investment manager on my street that works for Morgan Stanley said the same thing. So if you have a few bucks - that is your place.


Looks like the Hermès got themselves a ramp and are headed that way.


Not many patients. A big waste of resources. Such a shame.


If it were not there the press would crucify us for not sending it.

It would have made a lot more sense though to charter a bunch of supply boats to shuttle cargo from Florida ports to PR and muzzle the AJACs. Who knows how many they could charter for just the canal fees Pasha will pay.


The Comfort might be off-shore, maybe drifting. I’d guess no berth available.