Oil Record Book



Read this in the news this morning. Note they were found guilty of falsification of the vessel’s Oil Record Book.


Yes, getting caught with a illegal discharge and a falsified ORB is likely to land someone in legal problems.

My question was how many problems have people had with problems with the ORB only, for example clerical errors, with no underlying issues?

In the linked news the point was explicitly made that it was not simply a records issues:

“While the charges in this case rest on the failure of the ship’s crew to properly document the discharge of oily bilge waste, the heart of this case is the illegal discharge itself

In my view the lesson learned here is not; if you discharge oil illegally make sure you log it properly in the ORB.


How come the chief only got a $5500 fine for misleading the USGC, faking up the ORB, and (looks like) habitual polluting? Seems like he got off easy. I guess he got his name published, too… that’s fairly serious.


If one discharges oil under any circumstances it should be noted in the ORB. I have made entries where the OWS malfunctioned and I suspected a discharge occurred. An entry was made stating such noting when and where. Some years ago an acquaintance of mine was dealing with a leaking stern seal losing several gallons a day. He made entries in the ORB. When the Coast Guard became aware of the leak they specifically asked if it was noted in the ORB. When they were shown, it was all good.