Norwegian Oil History is 40 years old


Glad your father enjoyed that short post about the Drillship/J.W.Bates.
I was never on board the J.W.Bates but saw her while she was laid up in Bombay, before being towed to Thailand for scrapping in 1985 or 86.

I was on the R&B rig W.T.Adams for a tow from Bombay to Jebel Ali, UAE, if I remember right. (It could have been for the offloading of the R&B rig J.W.McClain, or for a rig move in the Bombay High)

I met many who had been working on the J.W.Bates on other R&B rigs in the 1970-90’s and heard many stories, but I cannot recall any names off the cuff. (Maybe your Father was one of them)


Pioneering Spirit is enroute to Norway to commence her next job:

At the same time Saipem’s Castorone is laying the pipeline that will bring the oil ashore in Norway:

Yes that is right, Norway doesn’t have the capability to handle everything with own equipment.
Luckily there is a worldwide market to draw on when needed.


Another major operation is on progress in Norway. Pioneering Spirit is lifting the 22000 m.t. John Sverdrup topsides off a barge for transport to the field, where it will be placed on the jacket already in place:

PS> This just the first of three topsides that will be transported and installed by P.S. The heaviest being 26K m.t.


They don’t piss around on this project.
The Johan Sverdrup Drilling Module has arrived in the field and been placed on the jacket in one easy motion:


Nice video of the Johan Sverdrup operation in this article:


The Johan Castberg development in the Barents Sea has finally been approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy:


the opposite would have been quite surprising :wink:


Another approval has been granted.
This time for the life extension of the oldest field in Norway; Ekofisk:

God only know how much Phillips(later ConocoPhillips) and partners have earned in the nearly 60 years since this field was first found (1969)

PS> Or how much have gone into the Norwegian Government coffers in that period.


The oil rig strike in Norway is over for this time:


I have mentioned the shift of development of new technology for the offshore oil and gas industry from USA to Europe, especially Norway and the Netherlands in the last 3-4 decades.

Today a Dutch HLV loaded with drilling modules built in Grimstad and assembled from drilling equipment produced by Cameron in Kristiansand left Norway:

She is headed to Texas, where the modules will be incorporated into a bigger unit, before being transported to Brazil for installation in a field operated by Equinor.

That is a typical example of how modern projects are developed; by multi-national co-operation, not by national protectionism.


Other technology is also soon showing up in a gulf near you soon.
This one doesn’t require HLVs to be carried across the Atlantic though:


The case is not entirety closed yet, apparently:


Another new technology that may spread to the world soon: