Need help with identifying an equipment (Cargo vessel)


Hi, I need help identifying this equipment. Supposedly it is somewhat a control board to help with ship navigation by resetting rudder once bearing is achieved. Anyone know the formal technical name for it?


Adaptive Steering?


It’s just a box of electrical/electronics tricks. It could literally be almost anything. Do you have any nameplate data, better photos of boards, anything at all?


I believe one needs to refer to their own Ship Security Plan when discovering unidentified items that look like this aboard their vessel and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…do not cut that red wire!


Thanks, I will try to get a better picture from the crew.


No, don’t gut the GREEN wire. . .


Freeze the whole thing with liquid nitrogen then tap it with a 20# sledge hammer. That usually “renders it harmless”.


NO! you’ve got to cut the green wire! cut the red one and you’ll be blown to bits! or maybe they said it was the otherway round? OH SHIT!

sure…that’s the easy way out. Real bomb disposal takes waiting till the last 3 seconds before deciding which wire to cut. Don’t you ever go to the movies?


Whatever you do, don’t drop below 50mph or it will go off.


Press to arm, release to detonate.


doesn’t look like a Rooshin hand grenade to me


Iraqi EOD teams would just set it on fire.