More respect for US Navy officers and enlisted personnel needed


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Here is a quote from Jeremy Corbyn for you to chew upon, if you have ever heard of this gentleman from across your pond:-

“We’re the one putting forward ideas, so I don’t do personal, I don’t do reaction, I don’t do abuse. Life is too short and it devalues the political process. I think we should try and enhance the democratic life of this country, not reduce it to that level.”


Unfortunately pikeman you have not brought forth one valid argument or persuasive exposition. I think the thread is dead unless someone can tell us all something we don’t already know.

As someone pointed out so eloquently earlier, “We don’t harbor a hatred for the Navy, we harbor an innate hatred for stupidity”


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Sorry, couldn’t resist. I will say that for any Naval force other than the highly politicized US Navy, your views are possibly valid. However, the US Navy is HIGHLY a case of who you know to get advancement above about Lieutenant Commander. Whatever brains may have been gained from working with crusty old CPO’s early in careers usually has leaked out after the first taste of a desk command. I have classmates that are commanding various combatant ships right now that are shaking their head at the Fitz and the McCain though. The difference? They LOVE being at sea, and learned how to drive ships… they aren’t gunning for Admiral one day and under the impression that their commands at sea are worthless and horrible times away from “where the real action is in Washington” at a desk.


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No, no one here hates the US Navy. You thinking that shows your bias though.

That brings up an interesting point: there are statistically significantly more near misses for each actual incident, so if the Navy had four incidents in the last five months, how many near misses do they have? It must be astronomical.

Yes, and with a few exceptions we have given the Navy fair and balanced treatment


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The truth can be quite nasty unfortunately, yet most handle it like men and turn out for the better. You however…


That brings up an interesting point: there are statistically significantly more near misses for each actual incident, so if the Navy had four incidents in the last five months, how many near misses do they have? It must be astronomical.

We did have to go all back full in a channel last week because a sailboat cut our bow at like 200 yards out of no where. We were setup to pass on his port side(he was on the right side of the channel as we were heading outbound, not in the channel himself), and suddenly he went hard left and cut across us. We sounded 5 short and suddenly the dude at their wheel looked up at us like he had just seen us for the first time.

The only near-misses we’ve had recently were small boats like that, generally we try to steer clear of larger merchant vessels.

One of the junior guys on my watch team even has a darkish joke that he likes, whenever we visually spot a container or tanker he goes “Ah yes, a merchant ship. Our only natural predator.”


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Sounds like a typical WAFI maneuver to me.


:rofl::rofl: There’s a meme to be made there I think. Damn near made me spit coffee all over the console here.

Of course, then there’s always the Nigerian version of collisions involving Naval ships:
NIgeria Warship


Not absolving the WAFI, but this sounds like an inland rules overtaking situation in good visibility in a narrow channel. Did you signal your “intention” by sound signal or VHF before he cut you off? If not, there is blame on both sides and something to be learned on your end from this near miss.


Was outbound to sea in a narrow channel under Rule 9, and we were still inside the demarcation line, so operating under inland.

I’m honestly not sure if they tried to hail him on VHF, but I know we didn’t sound signals as he appeared to be heading away from the channel before he cut in. Actually I’ve never heard a ship, either military or civilian, sound intention signals while in San Diego harbor / bay and passing a smaller boat like that, only when passing other larger ships. I’ve been stationed here since 2009, and obviously I’ve not observed every transit.

It happens all the time, welcome to San Diego. We almost got hit by a ~60 foot power boat doing around 7 knots with no one at the wheel at all, that was a month or so ago. When we sounded 5 short on that one, a dude came running out to grab the wheel and turned hard.


Just like the Washington State ferry accident.