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Have you ever looked at the UK MCA system? It makes the USCG look streamlined. Look at the “Y” limited tickets in particular.


I’ve been arguing all that for a while. Maybe keep OUPV licenses available for near coastal uses (Para-sail operators don’t need STCW II/3 to run a speed boat) and allow GRT for sub 100 GRT boats on inland waters.


OK, I’ll bite. Do you have GS-12 experience? If not, what are you basing EQUIVALENT on? I had 22 years in, did what was considered a “GS-12” position and they shot me down with no explanation AND they are not required to give you one.

In most cases, they already have someone in mind for these positions and they just “advertise” them so they are legal and hire who they wanted in the first place.

That being said Captain, I hope I am wrong and you get the position. Please keep me informed on how this works out for you. Also, if you feel the need to rant about the way you were treated during the hiring process, I am there for you too,

Good luck! - Senior


You are being too logical. There is too much industry influence in licensing that is bought and paid for. Until somebody sticks a hose into the anus that is Coast Guard licensing/Marine Safety and flushes out all the parasites and rotting food, IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!


I feel your pain tugsailor. However, that is a senior officer decision and they are loathe to think outside the box. Some of them (Vinnie the Weasel) are loathe to think about anything but about themselves or how to keep climbing the ladder at any cost, no mayyer who gets in the way.

Others “get it” and if they reach the holiest of holies rank, will make the right decision because they care about people, including Mariners and the organization before themselves.


The also specify exactly what that means. See below:

"Specialized experience include: Developing a division budget; developing examination standards; developing/modifying deck related marine training courses/assessments; serving as a liaison with maritime industry stakeholders; explaining plans and policies to maritime interest groups or government agencies; and conducting presentations at meetings or conferences.

“Specialized experience is experience that has equipped you with the particular ability, skill, and knowledge to successfully perform the duties of this position and is typically in or related to this line of work.”

The minimum qualification is a license as Chief Mate Unlimited, preferably Master Unlimited. Without that they won’t consider you no matter what other experience you may have.

Not in this case, this is the second time they are posting this since they didn’t find anyone last year. That’s also probably why they are advertising more than before and leaving the job listing open for so long.


I have not in details, but here it is, if anybody care to check it out:

I believe the UK is in line with EU and most of the rest of the world on this subject, which is STCW’10 compliance for all seafarers.

I don’t see any specific OSV 10000 GT license, but there is special requirement for Workboats and Tugs below 500 GT and for Fishing vessels, but they are all STCW based.

Nor are there any 100 GT license, or licences for specific waters and trades, other then as specified in STCW Convention.

I obviously don’t know, or pretend to understand, the present US system, but from my experience with US flag OSVs outside US waters, it did not induce much confidence by foreign Maritime Authorities when the “Master” of an OSV of 299 GRT could not read and write.

I understand that the standard has improved with the implementation of STCW by USCG for US vessels, incl. OSVs, working outside US inland waters.


I think he was referring to all the yachting licenses the MCA also offers.


You are absolutely right.


Absolutely!!! Honestly, I just kind of shake my head when I hear people using “License Consultants.” Never used one, never needed one, don’t understand why people can’t pick up the phone and just call NMC themselves to get the same service instead of spending $200-$500. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had any problem with getting things taken care of at NMC. (That, and I don’t try and get away with the BS that a lot of others try though either.)


I like the Canada and very similar U.K. Systems. I note also that neither Transport Canada nor the MCA are military organizations, anything like the USCG. The US would be smart to move toward a similar STCW compliant system with only one type of license tonnage.

Interestingly, the U.K. MCA will not simply issue a CeC for a US limited license, only Unlimited US licenses.

The holder of a USCG Master 1600 GRT oceans, and STCW II/2 - 3000 GT license must take the UKLap exam and the U.K. MCA Master’s orals exam in order to get a U.K. CeC.

I did not look for or see any indication of how the MCA treats USCG OSV restricted licenses. Does the MCA recognize OSV licenses ar all?

UK MCA CeC Questions

,which I had done numerous time and was still shot down.


Do you hold Chief Mate or Master Unlimited?


With your background you should be a very good fit for that job.

They are probably looking for an academy grad, preferably USCG Academy. Of course, it appears that they really want someone who is already an existing civilian USCG employee.


I doubt there are many of those with the qualifications they are requiring.


Didn’t have to for the position I was going for, but I have Chief Mate equivalent in the military.


Probably. I was looking at a couple of jobs in DC. The old boy network is alive and well in the swamp.


I guess if the military is advertising for chief mates you are golden. How is it working out for shipping jobs?

Except for the CeCs issued by a few foreign maritime authorities based on holding the same certificate from your own national authority, the idea of "equivalent’ is pretty much a home made concept.


I think what he means is that he was an XO in the USCG. That sounds to me like a chief mate equivalent, certainly the USCG would think that their own XOs are better qualified than a merchant marine chief mate.

He’s sailing master in the oil patch; so it seems like he’s doing pretty good.


I have a good idea what he means but a federal job is written with certain requirements and they’re not allowed to wing it and say “that’s close enough”.