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It would be good for the gcaptain community to have a list of the “good”(semi-competent evaluators who get things done), and a list of the “bad” evaluators (who screw up or fail to timely complete everything that comes ther way).


Domestic Capacities
Deck Officer - Master
Of Towing Vessels Upon Oceans and Western Rivers.

Tankerman-PIC (Barge)
Limited to Dangerous Liquid (DL) Cargoes



Steward’s Department (F.H.)

Deck Officer - Radar Observer (Unlimited)

Able Seaman- Unlimited

Deck Officer - Master
Of Self-Propelled Vessels Not Including Auxiliary Sail Of Less Than 1,600 Gross Register Tons (GRT) Upon Oceans.

Deck Officer - .

Deck Officer - Master
Of Self-Propelled Vessels Not Including Auxiliary Sail Of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Oceans.

Deck Officer - Master
Of Self-Propelled Vessels Not Including Auxiliary Sail Of Unlimited Tonnage Upon Near Coastal Waters.


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That’s cool. I’m keeping my eye on you because I detect the scent of troll on your posts.


Some of those are contradictory endorsements. I’m tempted to say that you are full of s–t, except that I can very easily see the USCG NMC making those kinds of ridiculous mistakes.


The man said that he held Master OSV, that he asked to have the OSV restriction taken off, and that His NMC evaluator “gave him Master Unlimited Oceans” without any exam. If he just got stickers for his MMC without getting a new booklet, his endorsements would still include Master OSV.

This guy is probably a lying sack of manure just trying to stir things up, but based upon my own observations of the NMCs persistent gross incompetence and repeated mistakes, I would not be too shocked to learn that NMC simply gave him Unlimited Master without any exam.

The primary reason the USCG NMC exists is that former Senator Byrd wanted to create jobs for the unemployed coal miner’s daughters in West Virginia. While there was merit to the notion that NMC might bring more consistency to licensing decisions, that has not proven out in reality, not at all.

NMC is a 10 year experiment that has failed very badly. The NMC evaluators are anything, but consistent. USCG Licensing needs to be returned from the landlocked hills of West Virgina to the coastal RECs where the USCG has personnel with maritime expertise.


This sounds like a 15 year old kid, not a Professional Mariner.


Ah, bragging about an improperly issued license, and the promotion it gained him, onto a fleet of vessels that would make it extremely easy for someone st the company to narrow down his identity.

This is why professional mariners around the world poke fun at the oil patch. This ignorance, arrogance, and bullshit. It only discredits the men and women who have worked their way up to unlimited master in the oil patch the correct way.


You got one over on the NMC, shouldve just smiled and kept it to yourself. If something like this wouldve happened to me i wouldnt have told a soul. And now you might have a target on your back from someone who you step over while they were actually studying for that license.


The COOL thing is the U.S. Coast Guard and Maritime Infrastructure Subcommittee is fixing to start hearings on NMC, the Program Managers and the different standards by different evaluators. Don’t be surprised if they make NMC check ALL licenses 500 ton and above that are live and in use. Any they find that were incorrectly issued will be more than likely revoked immediately.

I also think they are going to be looking at the Officers and the civilians that run the program especially since there has been a backlog of at least six months for a couple of years. Of course this will take months. There is also a rumor that anyone who got the GAP Closure training before 1 January 2017 will get a 1 to 2 year extension on their license, at least domestically because of the bungled implementation of that program.

Regardless, their needed to be a hose stuck in their years ago especially with certain “M” Officers involved ruling on things for specific companies and then not waiting the required six months after retiring to hire on with those particular companies.

Anyway, strap in kids, I think we have a fun ride coming up!


Or someone he works with who tries applying and is told they have to test and complains that they “let so-and-so get Master Unlimited with no test” (or assessments?).


46CFR11.903c Officer Endorsements requiring examinations
© The following officer endorsements do not require examinations:
(1) Master of oceans or near-coastal vessels of unlimited tonnage when upgrading from MMC officer endorsements, or a license as chief mate of oceans or near-coastal vessels of unlimited tonnage, provided the applicant has already been examined at the management level.
They can’t change the law . My guess is somebody got in trouble for not following the law show me where does it say master OSV is not management level . ( provided the applicant has already been examined at the management level. ) it does not state limited level license unlimited level license all OSV license it just says management level

JD Cavo care to comment on this matter

The law is the Law


You missed some words. You only don’t have to test when upgrading from Chief Mate Unlimited and provided the chief mate holder was examined at the management level, which means took the current combined Chief Mate / Master exam.

That does not mean anyone who has been tested “at the management level” can get it without testing and it definitely doesn’t mean anyone who HOLDS a management level endorsement can get it without testing. (When did you test for Master 1,600?)




You misunderstand. Obviously, taken in context, that CFR section refers to someone who has tested for an upper level (Unlimited) license at the management level, in other words, someone who has tested for Chief Mate Unlimited.

Using your mistaken reading of the CFR, and your twisted bayou “logic”, anyone with any license as a Master would be entitled to upgrade to Master unlimited without exam. For example: Master 500 tons is a “management” level license. People that hold Master 500 are required to take the management GAP closing course Leadership & Management because they are “management.” Thus, according to you, any Master 500 would be entitled to upgrade to Master Unlimited without exam. Clearly, that is not what the CFR you cite intends or requires. The tiniest bit of common sense tells us that your interpretation of that CFR would be contrary to the entire USCG licensing structure and purpose.

Of course most of us know that the bayou boat companies bought enough Congressmen (with campaign contributions), and bought enough USCG officers (with the promise of future jobs) to get the USCG to put an Unlimited Master give-away, After an exam, into the CFRs for large mudboat drivers. As absurd, corrupt, and dishonest as this is, it is very unfortunately how the US Government operates.


The CFR does not state anything like that it just says management level it does not say upper management level only management level.


It says a person who holds Chief Mate Unlimited who has been tested at the management level, not anyone who has been tested at the management level.


If you look up old CFRs you’ll see that that was actually always there, the NMC just never accepted time on OSVs as time as Chief Mate.


I could see an evaluator making that mistake and that error needs to be corrected immediately.


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