Master 1600 oceans


Any info on a master 1600 oceans upgrade to 3rd mate A colleague of mine is interested in upgrading to 3rd mate can he do that without testing or does he need to take a full exam he’s never held a mate 500 or 1600 only master but mate of towing and 200 mate


Do you believe in punctuation?


Yes he needs to test, no there’s no way out of it.


What for it won’t make a difference


That’s why limited license holders need testing. Punctuation can make a huge difference. Those who think it doesn’t should stick to mudboats. Knowing how to read and write makes a difference.


I could say “attention to detail” but punctuation is such a very basic thing, you have to be truly obtuse to ask, why.


Needs to take the full set of exams.


I suspect that you’re probably a well educated Yankee, and that you are just acting like a 1970’s era mudboat driver from the bayou in order to jerk our chain.


I’m from New York you understand


That isn’t saying much. Anyone north of I-10 is a yankee.


I thought it was anyone north of where you’re from is a yankee.


Hell, anyone North of the ICW is a Yankee.


So that means everyone north of Key West?


Im afraid so. I am a Bayou traitor.


Few years ago when I had my stint in the gulf I was told I-10 was the reference…I told my shipmate I did live south of I-10, but in california. Turns out being from the land of fruits and nuts was worse than being a yankee.


American by birth southern by the grace of God.



Play some Skynard Dude!!!




He will have to test again.


So, I just got back from Boston and Salem last week… I live in Florida and I can say that while the history was interesting, I was rather disappointed from everything I had heard about the North. Everyone I have ever worked with from up that way has ranted and raved about it, maybe I just had an unrealistic expectation and was let down. I didn’t even hear the over exaggerated accents that I hoped for, not even one “Wicked cool” or “Labstah”…