Lifeboat As Rescue Platform?


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It’s clear you learned very much about rescuing recreational sailors at sea via large ships. A shame you had to nearly drown to do it, but hey thats what you sailors are looking for right? Adventure on the high seas and all.

It’s also clear you’ve never learned a damn thing about talking to people, or anything about humility in the face of your staggering indebtedness to your rescuers.

I encourage you to right a book about your righteous indignation over your mistreatment during your rescue.


You do realize that maneuvering a VLCC is not nearly as easy as a sailboat right? They don’t exactly back and fill as easily as a yacht. Hell, it probably took those 4 hours just to keep the plant from dying if they were running on IFO still when they got to you. Frankly your lack of comprehension for shiphandling scares me more than a little. Please tell me you’re not one of those people that darts across the channel in front of cargo vessels telling your shipmates “It’s ok, they’ll stop if we get too close.”

And WHY did you keep the sea anchor out when the ship was coming along side? If you’d have pulled that in and taken a painter line… you might have kept your feet dry.

Stop whining here… we’ve heard it, you’ve heard us… well, we’ve given our opinions… can’t say you’ve heard us 'cause you’re still talking… but you’re not going to get any different answer here than you’ve gotten.

I wish you luck in your candidacy! Just remember, the internet NEVER forgets…


No, he’s one of those people on autopilot and down below, busy mixing a batch of mai tais. Which is why he can’t hear the danger signal. Can’t hear the calls on vhf 16 either cause his copy of jimmy buffet’s greatest hits is cranked.


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You might want to re-read that ol rules of the road manual to find out the correct application and meaning of the rules.



Yay! Ok, you’re not a total idiot… I’ll give you that. @coldduck, we’ll give the technicality a pass since he at least knows to stay out of the way. Just that warms my cold cold heart a bit.



This is kind of the awesomest thing ever! LOL!


Wow. I’d give daffy duck my vote before I would give it to this guy.


The only difference is Daffy Duck floats.


You know what really floats my boat?

Archimedes Displacement Principle.


Doug - for your own good, see somebody. Seriously.

“Directing” your own rescue from the water (and here…after the fact) when YOU are the one who put himself and his crew in this situation? And when YOU are the one who was not prepared with a proper PFD and weighted down by a bundle of freakin’ CASH?

You are SO far off the mark, and SO whacked in your egocentric views on this issue that you’re potentially dangerous to ALL sailors out there. You should stick with politics and never get on the water again.

And no, I won’t vote for you. I’ll just shake my head and wait for a humble “thank you” (which will likely never come).

To all on G-Cap. Don’t let this chucklehead ruin your view of sailors. I think I speak for the vast majority of recreational sailors who THANK YOU for your willingness to bail us out of our “adventures”-gone-wrong, simply because you honor a centuries-long tradition of the sea…and disregard the economic impact of that choice. You do good. No question.

Doug grabbed his cash which almost drowned him. You saved his life in spite of the loss of cash to your own bottom line. I think that’s all that needs to be said.


Wow. Interesting…


I missed that part… do tell @smackdaddy


I’ll let Doug reiterate. It’s on the SN thread.

I’m just dumbfounded at this guy. His arrogant disrespect is utterly astounding.

HE was the captain of his ship. And HE blew it. HE lost control of his own outcome at that point. Period. It’s really that simple.

To then blame those that saved him? Incredible.


So your customers know you won’t call for assistance if they have a heart attack on your boat?

Wow. I would be in bed sleeping but I was going through the thread a bit to help me sleep, but I hope nobody takes your advice.


If you were at the top of a ballast tank and your best friend was in the tank, what would you do if you saw your buddy drop unconscious?