Jones Act Tanker Used to Transport Oil from Alaska’s North Slope Set to Retire


There should be regulations like that worldwide.


Come on man… If you’re gonna be a cocky smartass, you need to at least have your shit together…


Sorry if you took offense, where none was meant.
I genuinely could not see what he was missing, since the fact that single screw tankers are used to carry crude from Valdez is well known. No need to get personal.


That’s because he wasn’t missing anything… You were… Not really taking it personal, I’ve just been reading your little passive aggressive/snarky /etc. comments for a while and felt it needed to be brought to your attention in case you don’t realize how you come off.


See my rant in another thread today.


Are those 4-engines/twin screw tankers exempt from taking escort tug(s)??


It’s been a while, but when I was up there it did not matter in Prince William Sound either way, speed restriction & no line up from tug. In Puget Sound if twin screw, still escort but the single screw needed a line up from escort tug. The twin screw could make better speed w/o tug, so the cost of missing a tide at Bellingham / Cherry Point could add up over the life of the tanker. Not sure of added cost of having a line up for tug rates vs. no line up escort. Also, ATC is pretty much owned by BP, one of their competitors Arco then ConnocoPhillips had twin screw/twin engine rooms on this run before the Alaska Class where built. Could be bad press if anything happens. ExxonMobil did not care about the press aspect as they built single screw plants.


I believe BP bought ARCO, thus got into the Alaska and GoM business??
(I know they bought ARCO and AMOCO in Asia)


If memory serves me correct: Before Alaska Tanker Company (ATC) started (1999-2000?)BP cargo was carried on Keystone and MOS (now OSG) tonnage. Around 2000 BP bought ARCO, ARCO had 4-5 Endouvour Class ships being build in Avondale. BP didn’t want these ships or ARCO’s older steamship fleet. Phillips 66 (now ConocoPhillips) stepped in & bought the fleet and new builds forming Polar Tankers. BP can only own something like 49% of ATC, so Keystone & OSG own the majority and BP owns what ever they can as a foreign entity involved with a Jones Act Shipping Company.


If the price of Eagle Ford Crude goes up again she can take over for the “SS Eagle Ford” ex “SS Tonsina” a 1970’s vintage Jones Act Keystone built double hull tanker.


Last time I saw the Eagle Ford she was staying busy running out of Corpus Christi; what run do they have her on now?


She’s running across the faces and legs of a lot of people.


I request permission to share this on my Facebook page…I clearly see the reason why my country is not moving.


I had no idea the old Tonsina was still working…

According to marinetraffic as of 2016 was foreign flagged and is categorized decommisioned…


ATC was a joint venture with OSG, BP, and Keystone


Guess SS Eagle Ford is scrap now; was still working in the Gulf last time I was in Corpus Christi in 2015.

SS Seakay Spirit, Ex-Sierra, is still sailing with Keystone.