In Case You Think Things are Bad Now


[QUOTE=Fraqrat;189365]No thanks our constitution is just fine.[/QUOTE]
then how come it keeps getting amendments?


[QUOTE=lm1883;190815]Both. The economist is a globalist rag.

Edit- I used to subscribe to the economist and read it religiously. In the last 4 or five years it’s journalistic qualities have been eroded and it is simply like any other news organization with an agenda.[/QUOTE]

You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. You just stick to you Fox News for unfair, biased and one sided news. I’ll read The Economist and other newspaper and watch a variety of news channels from around the world in order to make up my own mind about what is true and what is propaganda. The US “good guys/bad guys” definition is too simplistic for me.


[QUOTE=ombugge;190811]Who are ignorant, me or The Economist??
Or do you disagree that foreigner cannot vote in US elections, only American citizens can?[/QUOTE]
I thought anyone can vote in a USA election as they last time they tried to implement using ID there was nearly civil war WTF?


There you go again with your prejudice.


[QUOTE=lm1883;190834]There you go again with your prejudice.[/QUOTE]

Where is the prejudice?? Do you mean that my remark about Fox News, or the “good guys/bad guys” comment is somehow prejudiced against USA in general?

In Singapore I used to watch Fox News as a comical relief, but unfortunately I don’t have it here in Norway. If we had I would love to watch their coverage of the Presidential Campaign. It must be comedy a the highest level how they manage to justify the antics of one and demonize the other candidate.
Le Solei, step aside, the “Greatest Circus on Earth” is playing out on your screen right now.

If the world was as simple as “black and white” it would be easy to solve all problems ailing the world. I don’t believe that it is that simple, but you are entitled to yours.



preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment.

give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.
cause harm to (a state of affairs).

Yup. Sums you up.


[QUOTE=c.captain;190806]at which point I unleash a fusillade of hot lead with my quad 50’s
that’ll teach them Poutine eaters to utter “stern words” to me[/QUOTE]

wha…? I go offline for 2 days and I miss the invasion. Why don’t you go someplace where they like American warships? Try Philipeans.


[QUOTE=c.captain;190806]that’ll teach them Poutine eaters to utter “stern words” to me[/QUOTE]


Another battle over crowd size is brewing between Trump and Obama.

Obama is back at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin and drawing a huge crowd of admirers:

While Trump, who are in Brussels for a EU meeting and NATO Summit, is drawing a large crowd of protesters:

Who are the winner is up for a toss.