If you had to do it over


It looks like c.captain is not a happy camper. I don’t know how I got labeled kap1te1n. I suspect it is an old password assigned by the computer of this forum. g.Captain offers an excellent newsletter and I hate to see its reputation soiled by various infantile comments. Perhaps people should post under their own name. Remember the old Chinese saying: “When you keep quiet, people may suspect you’re a dim-wit, till you open your mouth and remove all doubt!” Don Dykstra


As some others have stated, I would have gone the academy route.
Breaking in when I did in the very early 80’s, I did not realize the industry was changing drastically and mariners like me that desired to be pilots, were going to fall in between the cracks.
I mean, I’ve done ok out here, learned my trade on tugs and became a skilled boat handler at a very young age. I also had the opportunity to sail deep sea and gained more than enough sea time to get that unlimited tonnage license. But, I never had the desire to join that rat race competing for offshore work with the MM&P though.
But, the ultimate goal, that dream of becoming a Chesapeake Bay pilot never materialized for me.
I’m 51 now, with some 35 years afloat, a chequered past and staring down many years until retirement.
Would attending an academy have made a difference? Possibly. Then again, I have always been somewhat of a fuck up, so, I have my doubts.


He does need Jesus!


Military full time or NOAA. Merchant marines is a twisted world for twisted people


Ahhh, but we are just the slightly LESS dysfunctional family than the one we leave ashore!


It’s amazing that I’m still alive after all of the stupid shit I’ve done in my 39 year career. I retired 8 years ago at 56. But after working out my last financial plan, I would have broken even retiring at 55 instead of 56.


While there are a whole host of things I wish I would of done differently all that is in the past. As any change of the past would change the future and I would not be the same person I am today.


Sorry to say that but in all my years as member of this special congregation we never had a drink before lunch. We had a nap afterwards and a good coffee at 3 pm brewed by the 2nd mate but the first beer went in not before 5 pm. Anyhow, one might consider the time zone ??
God bless the good old times.


Yep, sounds exactly how things go at the 90% male Maritime Academies.


Idgaf I’ll roll both ways.




I don’t know what I would do different. I guess that’s why i am where I am right now.

Maybe i could suggest to the younger crowd not to join the military mid carreer and have to start over again a few years later.


I would have gone into prostitution, would have been paid far more to fix broken shit and listen to a lot of whining. The fucking part is easy. The broken shit is fixed with a blue pill, some alcohol and a compliment or two which fixes the whining. Just one caveat: I don’t perform; I am the mama-san who supervises. I’m drunk, so don’t take this with anything more than a grain of salt. Aloha


I laughed hard.


I got in this game later than most, if my 41 year old self could go back and do it over again I would’ve definitely went the academy route. That’s if i could go back with my current mindset. If the 18 year old self tried to do it with my 18 year old mindset I probably would’ve just flunked out or I would’ve been kicked out from partying too much. I would’ve at least started in this industry straight out of High School if I didn’t go the academy route.