How long does it take to recieve an original mmc


how long does it take to recieve an original mmc. Assuming the application is filled out correctly. Also when should I start sending resumes? I’ve been told I should start now. Before I have even finished my maritime courses. Looking for opinions within the industry.


My original was received when things in the maritime sector were booming ( Mid -2010 ) and that process took approximately 6-8 months. I recently applied for and received my 2nd issue for my credential and the whole process took about a month. My understanding is that it depends on when your credential was received and how many are ahead of you, and not to mention what your application is for.

I wouldn’t send a resume without the credential to back up what you are applying for.

Just my 2 cents.


You could call 1-888-iasknmc for questions about approximate length of wait time.

Also, I second the fact you should wait till you have the credential in your hand before you start sending out resumes. If I called you and you offered a job and then you tell me you don’t have the credential yet I would make sure to never ever call you back.


My original took 30 days. The renewal took 2 months.

What position are you sending out resumes for?

Capt Obvious is correct. Call 1-888-iasknmc for the actual wait time.


Just an entry level position on a tugboat most likely. I have only commercial fished. Im 29 have 10 dungeness seasons and 17 tuna seasons and have been running boats the last couple years. I start taking the maritime training courses on monday. If everything goes rite I will have my stcw, AB, 100 ton master and radar observer endorsements. I got the idea to send resumes now from one of the captains at a seattle based company. He said to send resume with the courses I plan to take then call to update or send updated resume after I get the mmc.


You are a very attractive candidate for the PNW tugboat companies.

This time of year, you probably don’t need to rush to send out resumes. You’ll have your course certificates in a couple weeks. You could then send resumes with copies of your course certificates and a cover letter. Describe your fishing experience and explain that you have applied for your MMC and expect to have it fairly soon.

Actually, once you have your MMC, you should work your contacts and go see the guys actually doing the hiring (not the HR staff) at some of the tug companies.


Know a guy who applied recently and he got his within a month.
Never apply to anything without valid documentation in hand and ready to go