Hello! Another Guy Looking for a job!


Can anyone tell me what kind of schedule HOS (OSV’s) typically run? I heard it is mostly 21/21, if that’s true how difficult is it to get 28/14 if you want it?

Also, do they pay 100% for transportation or just partial?



[QUOTE=Navy SWO;81590]Can anyone tell me what kind of schedule HOS (OSV’s) typically run? I heard it is mostly 21/21, if that’s true how difficult is it to get 28/14 if you want it?

Also, do they pay 100% for transportation or just partial?


From the guys I spoke with 28/14 is the norm. They do pay something for travel (one way) on the OSV side don’t know how much. Only the H.O.T. fleet (tug and barge) gets the 100% travel!!


The other schedule is 28/28 other than the 28/14


That have 21/21 as well as 28/14 28/28 and some 14/14 (from what I hear)


Well crap! I was supposed to go back to the MI Service, Instead, I’m going to the Huron Service for a relief job a week and then to the Gulf Service for 3 weeks. Problem is I left ALL my gear on the MI Service(uniforms,pfd,helmet,everything!)… The office is going to lend a hand in getting my stuff to me. (Thank You)

I’m getting a paid full tour of the USA! (NYC,Great Lakes,Texas) I think it’s pretty cool. Who knows where I’ll go next - Puerto Rico?? lol. I got a damm cool job. (oh, and I get paid damm well too!)

Can’t ever forget how much help I recieved from yall on here. Thanks Guys!!!


Your coming to the gulf service in one week?


My buddy is the mate on there.


[QUOTE=CurryAK;82049]Your coming to the gulf service in one week?[/QUOTE]

No, the 26th, my error. If your on then I look foward to working with ya. If not I’ll get to at least meet ya on crew change.

I’ll be working 4 weeks in a row then off for 21 and back to MI.(from there who knows??) if I’m real lucky I’ll catch the fall salmon run before having to return to work. Kind of a big deal for us Yoopers. There are few better things to eat than fresh caught salmon.

I’ll also have to give the snowthrower a tune up in case the wife needs it, it’s about that time here in the U.P. of MI.

On the plus side I was ASKED by my CC to do this not just told “hey you AB! go here” to go, hopefully my CC will see I’m a team player. Another plus is my yearly pay went up one week! Yeah!

I also got my first PTO direct deposit last night! WOO HOO!
My uniforms should arrive before I head out,(called today) lucky break for me.


Let me school you on ALL CC’s. They are your best friend when THEY need you. Believe that. Not so much when you need them. Doesn’t mean they are bad guys but the nature of their job makes it that way. I’ve actually developed friendships with CC’s at past companies and stay in touch but I never confused them doing their job with personal.


You brought up a good thing. Never leave ALL your stuff aboard. At a minimum take your hardhat, life vest, and a couple days clothes. It’s a pain. But having a ‘go bag’ makes you ready to earn instead of bugging the office to ferry your crap around.


Well I kinda know that, but I was made to feel like I HAD a choice. Becides as a new employee and green as Iam I need all the work(Training) I can get. I owe em something as they stuck their necks out to hire me and I get paid so it works out.


Lesson learned. ALWAYS take ALL of your stuff with you when working on tugs.


Yes indeed. Boats gets moved & so do people.


Travel light! I had a captain once that would tell me to make sure I brought everything home b/c he wasn’t sure if he was going to let me come back(jokingly). About 4 trips later he saw all my stuff on deck for crew change and he asked what was going on. I told him I hadn’t decided yet if I was coming back. He never made that joke again. Maybe b/c I was his relief?

We all have a tendency to make a home on the boat we work on but never forget that you are an item of necessity for your employer and they will move you where they need you.


Never carry more than you’re willing to walk home with.


Good points, I was supposed to stay on the MI Service for at least one more hitch that’s why I left all my gear. But stuff happens.


I didn’t know where else to ask this question, so here it goes:

What is the maximum days that a company can wait before paying you after a hitch?


Depends on the contract when you hire on, I know some fish boats that don’t pay till the end of a season (60-150) days!


Ugh, I dunno. It was a delivery job. Didn’t really sign a contract or anything. They just took my account info when we got to the dock. Went right past your beauties you had parked there. Do your tugs always look like they are freshly waxed?!? Dam! Lookin good bud


Thanks, that’s the fancy Dupont paint we use.