Hard copy documents to carry on board


I’ve seen it as well, local officials wanting only hard copy original of everything. Especially if you need a quick short term work visa of some sort.

Or wanting the original of my shot card when I’m preparing to join a ship overseas while I’m visiting family in California and the short card is in a fire safe in Tennessee.

Then it’s not even looked at when getting the visa in country.

Isn’t the 21st century great or what?


Yeah exactly, if people want scans of their certificates stored online there are services like OneDrive or Dropbox that are completely free.

Why would someone trust some suspicious third party app with copies of their certificates, you’re asking for identity theft or they might use them for forgeries.


But don’t the Norwegians still have carry all their paper documents? What European countries have gone paper free for documents?


This is the problem with having a global digital system of seafarer certification, backward African PSC fining ships for a load of bizarre reasons.

They’d have to add digital seafarer certificates as an amendment into STCW so that none of the signatories to that could fine a ship as they are signed up in agreement to it.

Another problem would be who to find to administrate the global database of seafarer certification, you might have a similar situation to DP where the Nautical Institute in the UK were for a long time the only ones willing to administer a system of DP certification then many people weren’t happy that foreign powers were doing it.


One Drive yep

Just over $100/year gives five MS Office licenses, 1 TB online storage each, some Skype, and all kinds of goodies to go along with it. The older kids have it on their MacBooks for college and we can share old family pictures from state to state with them.

I’m getting better using the online apps as well with it. Just started using the “Lense” app and use if for my time sheets and contracts as well.


I have been trying to find a simple explanation of how this is done and which countries are offering Digital Certificate and tracking services, but I haven’t hit on the right search words yet.
The majority of EU countries are working on it, but I’m not sure how many is offering it at the moment.

I know that Denmark, Norway and Singapore has signed a MOU on use of digital certificates for ships:

There is a Danish company that offer to digetalize and keep track of all CoCs and training certificates and their validity and send a reminder before expiry date:

But whether that would be accepted as “official” by MOUs worldwide is not clear.


A pilot gets off a plane, what do they have??
Shipping in the stone age
I loved handing mine over saying they were original duplicates coz ship sunk with them.
Thats when I worked out fakes ones work because nobody in the industry has done their forensic document training. What a joke thats how shipping runs



I went the Dropbox route. I have scans of my MMC, TWIC, physical, radar cert, FCC lic, and recency logs in mine ( I’m sure I’m forgetting something toI’d I have only been asked for them during internal audits and one ABS inspection. For me it works great for domestic US shipping.


The digital age in shipping is near:
Although this does not mention digital personal certificates for seafarers, it is bound to be standard in most countries within a few years.


The USCG released a NVIC on this about a month ago. If they are gong to accept digital certificates, everyone is. I don’t think we will see it for personal certificates anytime soon.


45 flag states have already accepted and authorized DNV-GL to issue E-Certificates on their behalf. We’ll see if USCG will follow suite, but I don’t think that will make much difference to others.

Here is how it works:


That was my point. They are going to accept them


My CoC was exactly the same with the introduction of STCW I had to do a refresher and the old certificate was returned with a big stamp in red letters spelling out cancelled across the copperplate writing. A couple of weeks on a sunny window sill fixed the stamp and I filled it with my grandfathers CoC unlimited. His had a stamp endorsing it for steam after being command of square rig vessels.


You forgot one.Your Fast Rescue Boat Operators Certificate and if you are serving in an AHTS you will also have your DP logbook.


I am not DPO. But in fact i forgot about FRB cert.


What jobs in the US fleet require a Fast Rescue Boat Certificate?


Pretty much anything that is SOLAS.


I’ve been on numerous SOLAS boats, not a single one has had an FRC.


Maybe the common confusion about Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) and the mandatory Man Overboard Boat (MOB) has kicked in here?

Here is what constitute a FRC, which is required on certain vessels, especially in the Offshore industry where they may be required to carry out standby/rescue duties:


And here is a MOB-boat, as required by most ships and boats: