Hard copy documents to carry on board


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I am on a rig that works all over Africa and no way they would except anything but originals . We got fined in Gabon by PSC because everyone didn’t have original copies of their physicals .


One kg of documents? Sucks to be you. I’ve got a passport, licensing credentials (which weigh the same as the passport), shot card (which is basically a folded up 8.5" x 11" piece of paper) and TWIC (which weighs the same as a credit card). Hell, the leather used to make my wallet weighs more than all that stuff combined.


Some European nations have established on-line register of documents for seafarers. No need to carry paper copies.


1 kg? Yeah probably, most is the DP logbook. Well perhaps I’ll weigh it today and get back with you all. But, that’s not a real big deal.


My credential and medical card, TWIC, passport and union book all fit into a small pocket in my backpack and weigh maybe 100 grams tops. And you need your originals if you’re American. It’s good to make a digital copy and store elsewhere but that is not acceptable for shipping. 1kg??


The actual physical or the USCG medical card?


One more question; who got fined, the rig, or each individual??
If fines are imposed by a PSC Inspector, who collect the fines?

PSC has the power to detain a ship for a long list to deficiencies, and/or to report deficiencies to Flag State Authorities. Class and other signatories to the various MOUs for re-inspection at other ports.
I don’t see anything about imposing fines for any offences. (??)

PS> Are Drilling Rigs covered by any of the MOUs??


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Ran into the same issues in the Med in a couple PSC audit’s. They wanted to see the actual physical reports. Didn’t help that out Filipino crew all had theirs, and probably is what made them ask for the ones for the Americans. Think I pulled something out of my ass about HIPAA and it being against federal law to show them ours or some other BS, but they let it slide and accepted the USCG medical cards.


That’s actually brilliant, I’m going to remember that.


PSC inspectors as well as MLC auditors I have dealt with all want to see a physical with the doctors name who performed the examination. You are correct that most HIPA laws will not allow access to the full report.

The USCG medical certificates which were supposed to cover this requirement internationally apparently do not. Always fun to dance around when the goon squad comes aboard.


They wanted to the actual physical of every person on the rig -catering ,3rd party drill crew it was a hefty fine which if we did not pay immediately we could not get clearance and go to work . The agent conveniently told us this 3 days after we left Las Palmas we could have done the all the physicals in Las Palmas .


Yes it is almost 1kg as a Chief Officer working under Panama flag I have to carry with me:

  • National seamans book
  • CoC
  • medical certificate
  • 3 Panama Seamans books (GMDSS Seamans book, Ship Security Officer Book and Chief officer Seamans Book)
  • Panama Endorsements
  • Cyprus seamans book (some ships in company fleet are under Cyprus flag and we all have to have Panama and Cyprus docs)
  • Cyprus endorsement
  • Crane operator cet.
  • Banksman cert
  • scafolder cert.
  • Ship Security cert
  • Basic medical cert
  • Sea survival cert
  • Social resp cert
  • basic f.fighting cert (required by company even I am already at management lvl I still have to have all basic cert)
  • Adv. F. Fighting cert
  • Medical care cert
  • Bridge team management cert
  • Radar and ARPA cert
  • ECDIS general cert
  • ECDIS specific cert
  • HLO
  • CAA (Aviation radio operator)
  • HUET
  • GMDSS cert
  • 2x Passport (one old with visas)
  • Maritime university diploma
  • Signed contract with company
  • MLC 2006 complaint form
  • Yellow book with vaccinations
  • every trip I also have to cary OK TO BOARD letter from company and joining instructions (4-5 A4 pages)

and as you can see I have no DP docs.
So all in total is almost 1 kg

There are online systems in some countries but available only for 3rd parities to confirm authenticity of documents.


Why in the world do you carry your diploma with you?

There is no requirement to carry your training certifications that I’m aware of.


The problem is not lack of electronic certificates, rather than paper. The problem is far too many unnecessary bullshit certificates. Most of this nonsense should be eliminated. What is actually necessary could simply be endorsed into the CoC. Instead of having several CeCs, the CeC could just be a stamp in the home country CoC.


I still have my original CoC as Master Unlimited, where it simply says:
“Allowed to command vessels of any type, any size, in all waters”, with my name, date of birth. issue
date (May, 1970) and no expiry date.

I also still got a certified English translation of my CoC, issued by the Norwegian Consulate in Singapore. (A photo copy of which was used by my then American employer to clear out 5 OSVs from Singapore, without my knowledge and consent)

Besides that I got a Radio Telephony Operator Certificate, also valid for life, which was needed on the small ships I served on as Mate. (No Radio telegraphy and no RO).

Now all obsolete with the introduction of STCW’96.

Life was simpler back in them days, but I can see the need for a system of re-certification and special training to ensure the necessary skills as required today are retained.


Here is how NMD is handling all the certificates issued to individuals serving on Norwegian flag ships:


Why I carry Maritime university diploma?
Many times when I have been on board we had to apply for visa to different countries and company is forcing us to start process ASPA (you know “hurry hurry and wait” way of working), some countries require evidence of your education and simple electronic copy not always is enough it have to be stamped by captain.

Why do I have to carry with me training cert? Because my company is forcing me to do it. We travel a lot around the world, in last year I had to apply for 4 visas (New Zealand, Russia, Papa New Guinea and New Zealand again) different countries, different visas processes you never know what you will need for visa application.

When you go to Africa any kind of inspection, PSC ie. they just looking for things you do not comply to get any money. And because company learned that hard way the said everyone must carry original documents with them.


If the company is forcing you to carry them then no app will replace actually having them.

I honestly don’t see why a flash drive with good color scans won’t work, it’s not like PSC officials can tell the difference between a real cert and a forgery anyway. If they question it they can verify the certificate number by calling the school.