GAP Closure Training and Licensing Delay Issues




You did not hijack it. Your input is ALWAYS welcome Captain.


So, what is the name for the Facebook group, if it’s setup?


Offshore Mariners and Mates Association.

However, I am changing it to Brotherhood of Licensed Officers Working Mariners and Engineers. Figure it out. I will act shocked if anyone brings it up.

Our motto is “We are sailors. What did you expect?” In latin, “Nos nautis. Quid exspectas?”. I like both because they both poke fun at “the establishment” and I think that we all have that common bond.


Unless your target audience is female it does seem a bit odd for a mariner, especially an engineer, to solicit a homosexual act.


I have no idea what you are talking about…


More importantly you got to know an evaluator (I was on a first name basis with mine) personally over the course of a couple years and you became more than a number but a real live person making the experience better for everybody. You could have a conversation about your application and what was needed an plead your case accordingly.


I am going to recommend Jim Cavo to take over at MMC if I am asked.



I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But he’d be good for NMC.


does he want that headache?


I think Jim Cavo would do an excellent job running NMC. Would that be enough of a promotion to make it worth his while? The USCG definitely needs more people of his caliber.


I’m not sure that would even be a promotion for him.


Yea everyone who went to the academies would move up in rank I can promise you that. The guys from the south would not have a chance to move up. He is 100% for Academy people . Just ask his opinion


I would disagree with that, what he is 100% for is people who can read the CFR’s and NVIC’s and follow them and advance their tickets without resorting to sketchy sidesteps at the expense of the regulations as they’re laid out.

Oh wait, I said read, not “ask for a friend” what a CFR says. Maybe you’re right, but you do realize that there is an academy in the south right? Or is Texas not south enough for you?


Well I’m out of here this site is for suck asses and that’s not me especially you Phoenix.


You are a dirt bag


Maybe. But more than anything I’m a “dirt bag” that’s sick and tired of people running rough shod over the regs. I’ve sailed under two Captains that couldn’t read, and one that was freaking color blind for crying out loud! My attitude and feelings on the issue have nothing to do with where they were from, but everything to do with the fact that they shouldn’t have had the positions they did… much less the licenses they did.


See ya later snowflake.


Such an apt description.


What, just because I didn’t want someone to get a license they didn’t earn and weren’t tested for?

Stop with your fucking Southerner persecution complex. Guys from the south go to academies and guys from the North hawsepipe. Plus, working in the South doesn’t mean someone loves in or is from the South. It also doesn’t mean they did or did not go to an academy.

All we knew about your ‘friend’ was that he worked on mud boats. He could be an Academy graduate who lives in Colorado for all any of us knows. We disagreed with him being given a license he didn’t earn, it had nothing to do with him being from anywhere.