GAP Closure Training and Licensing Delay Issues


my apologies steamer, I misinterpreted your preamble.

I’d like to think a lot of DDEs like myself accrued time in an actual engineering department with at least two senior engineers, but I’m sure plenty didn’t either.

which brings us to the point I made earlier…just because someone has the license doesn’t mean they could sail in the capacity, depending on their own personal experience…at that point the decision is made by who is hiring them.
there are checks and balances here if we like it or not and for example the dde tickets are stepping stones in my opinion.


Instead of emailing us saying they sent us a letter cause they need more information regarding the application include what they are looking for so when I’m on the boat I’m not having family looking for a letter so they can send me a picture. Even worse if the person lives alone. Need to wait to you get home and than it takes even longer.


You make a very good point that NMC needs to get its act together now — in order to avoid a yet another debacle every time new STCW requirements kick in.


Another thing NMC could do to reduce its work load, if it had competent evaluators, is review applications and supporting seatime and course certificates, to determine what other endorsements the mariner qualifies for. Then issue everything that the mariner qualifies for.

For example, if someone applies for Mate 1600 and supplies over 1080 days of seatime on a vessel over 100GRT, then NMC should also approve him for Third Mate 2000 GRT & 4000 GT. The exam is the same. He has the required seatime. It will eliminate the need for the mariner to apply later for Third Mate.


This is why I can’t do this myself Great suggestion!


That has been discussed before and it has nothing to do with this conversation. That person is going to be in the examination division and have nothing to do with evaluations. Also, they attempted to hire for that position over a year ago and this is a repost of the job ad.


I thought I read about subject matter for exams and how the NMC would benefit by employing people with industry experience and actual mariners in this thread, in addition to gap-closure issues?
Pardon me, my mistake.


I didn’t mean that as abrupt / rude as it comes across.

What was discussed in this thread is having actual mariners as evaluators so they actually have experience in what they’re evaluating.


They have evaluator jobs open on but they want you to hold a u/l Chief Mate’s license at a minimum. I’m sure they have a reason for that but I’m pretty sure a guy with a 1600 or 500 can count up days, check sea service letters, and make sure the mariner has all proper certifications as well.


I expect you are referring to the same job that Ctony posted for Maritime Transportation Specialist. There’s only one job and it has nothing to do with evaluations…


Well there was an evaluator spot open, I guess it’s closed since I last looked.


The USCG formal title for the evaluators in the job announcements is: “Legal Instrument Examiner”.

These are low level clerical jobs filled by people with NO legal training or experience, and NO maritime training or experience. The theory is that the evaluators do not need any prior legal or maritime training or experience because all they have to do is Follow the simple and clear instructions in the CFRs ,NAVICs, and USCG Marine Safety Manual.

Former Senator Robert Byrd used his influence to place large government facilities, including large USCG facilities in the hills of West Virginia in order to create jobs for the unemployed coalminer’s daughters in his state. The total lack of skills and expertise at the NMC is predictably reflected in their terrible results.


That’s not an evaluator job. It’s the head of the deck exam branch is quite a few pay grades above evaluator.


My letter with a cover letter from my Congressman is being given to Congressional Affairs on Monday. Friday is not a good day to do anything in DC and have an impact.


I just got an email from the NMC requesting to participate in a customer survey about their website. Haven’t had time to hit the link but maybe your efforts have people looking at customer satisfaction in some way.


Got the same email earlier today


It looked like a phishing email so I deleted it. It came from a .com address.


It is an email inviting you to visit the new and improved site and commenting on it,


From: U.S. Coast Guard

They should have sent it from .mil or .gov if they didn’t want it to scream phishing fraud. Some NMC addresses are or or

If this is legitimate then they sure didn’t try to make it look like it.


I had nothing to do with this, as far as I know.

There is a new VADM who has taken over as Deputy Commandant for Operations. Check out the website and give your honest opinion.

Personally, I think it is missing a few things…