Enough with the Norwegian S***


I don’t think this is true, in my experience anyways. One of the best sailors I ever worked with was from western Nebraska, last I checked there was no ocean there and the worst guy I ever sailed with was from Massachusetts (lots o’ ocean there). The Russians/indians/filipinos are also competent professionals, as a rule. I wouldn’t buy into any of that FOC ships are lucky to cross the ocean propaganda.


I am totally comfortable with Chi-Coms and Europeans not agreeing with our president.


You care to elaborate. Which side of the argument are you on??


I’m on which ever side of the argument Fox News tells me to be on this week.


For the time being the electric cars, most people donot realize this, run indirectly, for still a long period, on one of the products of crude oil as the present power plants need that as fuel to generate electricity. Well, Norway comes a long way with their natural hydropower. An big advantage of electric cars is of course that urban pollution is so much lower.

I think that it is wise to invest in oil and gas exploration as particularly oil is pure gold, also in the future, in the sense of all the products that are made/distilled out of it. Here is a partial list of 144 products out of 6000 that are made from petroleum.


You’r in good (or BAD??) company then. Maybe you are Tweeting about it too?


" #covfefe "


Here is another Norwegian bragging about the Norwegian Marine Cluster and Norwegian development of Marine technology and equipment. : http://splash247.com/why-norway-works-so-well-as-a-maritime-cluster/
Although he is more occupied with the finance side of the business, as can be expected.


Here we write it as ‘covfeuve’ but probably it has the same meaning.


Oslo’s rise up the ranks, I would argue, comes at the expense of London, which has been deteriorating as a maritime hub for many years now, both from an owner and finance point of view. In Europe, I would say that Athens/Piraeus is the only place that matches Oslo these days, and when it comes to finance it even trumps mighty Singapore, which while trying hard has failed to get local banks to truly catch on to the allure of shipping.

Weird. I must be missing something here. The amounts of ships which arrive yearly in Oslo is about 6.000, that of Rotterdam 33.000. It does not even rank in the top ten European harbours. It is not even a complete harbour as Drammen is the undisputed car hub in Norway and now Oslo is only second to Singapore. Rotterdam has almost the whole of Europe as their hinterland while that of Oslo ends almost in a dead end street. Is this Norwegian chest pounding, ‘Me Tarzan you Jane’? I would say: Dream on…


“Shipping Hub”, in this context has nothing to do with the number of ships calling at it’s port. Even Geneva is a “Shipping Hub” in some fashion, as several shipping companies, banks, brokers, insurers and others involved in shipping is HQ-ed there.

Singapore is a more complete “Shipping Hub” than Oslo precisely because it is also a major port, shipbuilding and repair centre and a major refining and transit point for oil and it’s derivatives.

Oslo has always figured near the top of the list because of the large fleet of ships owned and operated from there, but never calling at the port. It is also a centre for ship financing, insurance, legal entities specializing in Maritime affairs etc. (In this last two it loose to London)

Rotterdam is the major container port in Europe, but falls well down the list of world ports, which is now getting dominated by Chinese ports.
Over all Rotterdam fairs better on the world stage though, but behind Singapore and Shanghai still.


Just out today, a Mike King classic:




Nice to see that somebody is well informed on world affairs in general and Norway in particular.:sunglasses:

This will probably be compulsory reading in Chartered Schools, once Trump establish his dictatorship, make the WH into a Trump Hotel and move Government HQ to rented quarters in Trump Tower, NYC.


VVI am afraid that I recognize a number of things. Like Norway the Dutch have a steady income of our natural resource which is gas exploited since the 1950’s. Unlike Norway, Chile and Russia we didnot put the money aside in a fund which is wise, especially for future generations, but the socialist government just handed out that wealth to the poor and needy. Most of the money was spent on wellfare, another rather big slice went to the government to expand and to increase wages of the already overpaid government officials. Only 15% was spent on infrastructure, education and some other essentials. That money is all gone now just to quench the thirst for more and more and to serve the political interests of the socialists. During their disastrous reign they also leveled out all incomes and in the mean time our national wealth was squandered. Nothing left for future generations and now also the gas is petering out. As a result of the exploitation earth quakes, unheard of before, now occur regularly in the area damaging farms and housing. Until now the government distanced themselves from this and compensated only in a few cases.

To my delight the Labour Party in this country has been practically wiped out in the recent elections, but the effects are still there. As a pensionado I am taxed 52%. We have a enormous number of households living on wellfare, two third of which are immigrants. Such a family, man wife and two children, get €33.000 ($37.232) per year, about as much as I am getting while I have to pay for my own health insurance and they don’t. They also receive a paid fortnight holiday which a lot of ‘refugees’ use to visit their country of origin to impress their relatives probably.

On the other hand the hard working low income Dutchman has a hard time to let ends meet. In fact they live in poverty. Here as a result 12% of the children live in poverty which is a bloody shame. But then every country deserves the government which they themselves have elected…


Spotlights your ignorance and it makes me laugh. I guess Obama’s dictatorship was more palpable for you?


We don’t all get our knowledge of the world from conspiracy sites with a Natzi leaning. Thanks heaven for that: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Tomatobubble

But yes, you are right, I do find Obama’s brand of “elected dictatorship” a long way above that of a non-elected and worldly ignorant would be dictator with a preference of lies over truth.

Best of luck with your new “GREAT Shining City on the Hill”, under the stewardship of your Great Leader…


Whom was not elected? I don’t think you understand our electoral system as much as you think you do. More ignorance with a slight touch of European self righteousness. Not unexpected but sad nonetheless. I am always in awe how a whole society an ocean away simply consumes our media and feel like they are experts on our way of life.


I’m fully aware that he was elected by a majority of electoral collage votes, but not by total popular votes on a national basis.
This is according to the law of the land and the official result of the presidential election 2016 is not disputed. Which was reported in the media worldwide but seen by many, both in the US and abroad as an anomaly, based on an electoral system suitable for the late 1790’s and early 1800’s, but totally out of touch with today’s reality.

I, and probably most Europeans and others, are aware that it is not something that can be easily changed, but when two elections in a matter of less than two decades are decided by such an anomaly, not by the will of the majority of the electorate, it MAY be time to start the process to rectify it.

That Mr. Trump shows authoritarian tendencies and may harbour dictatorial ambitions is not something only I and other Europeans believe. It is reportedly shared by many Americans as well. And I’m not referring only to what is reported in “leftist media” and conspiracy websites.

Finally, if only Americans are allowed to comment on anything American, maybe that should work the other way around as well? There appears to be enough Americans with an opinion about things around the world, not always well founded, or based on any great knowledge of the subject.


That there are few steam ships in active service worldwide is an accepted fact. I don’t think you would dispute that?

It is also a know fact that America has been hanging on to steam turbine driven ships longer than most.
Is it therefore anti-American to ask if there are any steam turbine ships left in the USMM? I don’t know the answer to that, but assumed that somebody here would be able to answer without spending a long time researching the matter.

Why take anything and everything said by a foreigner as an insult to America? If you have or do not have steamships in your fleet doesn’t change the fact that America is the most powerful nation on earth, with the largest single economy. Be proud of that and let me be proud of the accomplishments of Norway and Singapore in the maritime field without feeling I offend anybody.


" #factsonly "