Enough with the Norwegian S***


I say leave it Fraq…it appears you have finally found a weapon which penetrates the Bugge’s thick exoskeleton and now that you have exercised the nuclear option and shown your teeth, he might be just a bit more mindful of the feelings of all the rest of us unwashed American masses here…

and if he isn’t more circumspect in the future, let fire another Trump tipped AP salvo at him!


Are you going soft on your old days? Do you need a safe space? I hear it’s very popular on American campuses.


Nothing wrong with being right, but glad you acknowledge that. The difference between me and Trump is that I AM RIGHT, at least most of the time, while HE IS NOT at any time.

Nationalistic pride and patriotism is GOOD, as long as it is based on FACTS and not “alternative facts” and downright LIES!!

As for “early morning postings”, you may be aware that there is a certain time difference between where you are and where I am, whether that be in Norway or Singapore.

As to your ability to intimidate me, or make me go away to leave y’ll to marvel over the development (or lack there off) in American maritime industry, I’m sorry to disappoint.

Positive development will not happen as long as you stick to your protectionistic mindset and “this is how we have always done it” and don’t no STOOPID foriner try to tell us that it isn’t the best way.


" #sunnmørian "


Definition of a “Sunnmøring”;
A person who can buy something from a Jew and sell it to a Scot… with profit.


Not according to you dipshit

Which definition is " #alternativefacts "


I feel like I started a dumpster fire with this thread…


Here, I’ll just pre-quote this one:

Note the distinct Trumpism in that last sentence. It’s sad, really.


This is where you need to have a strong sense of humor, and learn to take it like an American. I can understand why you are very offended, but it’s funny as hell.


You almost sound surprised.
Shut the ventilation down and pull the CO2. It’s out of control!


Which definition is " #alternativefacts "?
That is easy to answer; whatever you write anywhere is “alternative facts” in the best Trumpist way.
I will still stick to writing FACTS if you don’t mind.


To see if we can steer this away from Fraqrat and back to something more productive, here is an article from Sysla Offshore today, where the experience from the Draupner wave is put to good use: http://sysla.no/offshore/treffer-monsterbolgen-castberg/

I myself experienced wave(s) that was recorded by a wave rider buoy as 23 m. in height. (Hm)
This was at the Statfjord Field in the Northern North Sea in Nov. 1981 while I was Marine Adviser onboard McDermott’s “Lay Barge 200”.
We were acting as Accommodation Unit for the commissioning and start-up of the Statfjord B platform and had a total of 550 people on board when hurricane force wind hit from the unusual direction of NE.

Up high on the Statfjord B Platform they recorded up to 150 kts. in the gusts, while our standby boat, the Tender Captain, had recorded 120 kts. before the anemometer blew out of her mast.

A picture was taken by someone on Statfjord B, showing a wave hitting LB 200 broadside, sending near solid spray over top of the Tower. This picture was used in advertising by some company for a while, but I cannot remember which and have not been able to locate it again.
If anybody know how to find it, it would be much appreciated.


No I think we all want to stay hard aground on the muddy shoals surrounding your ego. There’s nothing more productive than harassing you in a thread about your perceived superiority. I guess you could go cry about it and have the thread locked but then Kraken would be so disappointed you laid your flag down.


You overgo yourself. Are you talking in the Royal term WE? That is a bit royal, isn’t it??
If so, you are not grounding on soft mud but hitting hard rock, like Norwegian granite.

No, I’m not crying or asking for this trade to be closed, only for you to withdraw your post equating me with Donald Trump. THAT is an insult I cannot tolerate, unlike your normal mean spirited attack, not only on me but on everybody.
Some of your posts I realize is meant in jest, as is some of mine. (or as sarcasm)


Really? This thread is still going. That says a lot about this forum as a whole.

This forum used to be really valuable like a year or so ago and has taken a downward spiral ever since. Now it’s one of my least checked into apps.


As long as I can poke a stick into c.captain’s eye, I’m a happy camper.


Kind of have to agree… It’s been pointed out (for his benefit) just how pompous he presents himself in case he didn’t realize how he was perceived. He has then made it abundantly clear that not only does he not care but relishes in it. So be it…


and when did you manage to do that exactly?


no, he is speaking WE as in all of us American mariners here who have grown ever more exasperated with your superior Nordic “Sunnmoring” superiority!



OK so now you and Fraqrat are talking on behalf of ALL American Mariners. You are not bashful, are you??

I have no problem with being ribbed, or even the odd vicious personal attack from obviously ill informed or STOOOPID people. Unless you feel inferior, that is like splashing water on a goose.

But being compared to Donald Trump is an insult I cannot stomach. I have nothing in common with him, or his opinions. I take that to be beyond good forum etiquette and should be banned.
(NO, I’m not asking anybody to be banned, just be warned to show more restrain when it comes to what is posted)

As to my jokes about “Sunnmoring”, it is just that. There are numerous jokes about “sunnmoring” being stingy, money grabbing and arrogant in Norwegian, but not too many in English.
(I believe we have at least some forum members who are familiar with “Sunnmoring” and their reputation)
That “you cannot intimidate, insult or discriminate against a Sunnmoring, because he knows he is superior” is just one such joke, as is the one about him being able to “buy from a Jew and sell to a Scott, with a profit”.

I thought I had made abundantly clear that I do not believe that anybody is superior because of race, nationality or any other common denominator. (incl. being “Sunnmoring”)

I have also stated several times that I have worked with arrogant people of different nationalities, but I have never felt inferior to anybody, being that Americans, French, or any other nationalities.
That includes in the days when Americans ruled supreme in the Offshore industry and was paid more then others doing the same job, or even in superior jobs, just because of their citizenship.

Likewise, if I had an inflated ego, I would not have put on my present avatar, or a picture that gave opening for some funny comments (Post # 57) I would have stuck to my previous avatar of MV Slide, an “Island tramper” I served on as Chief Mate in 1968-70.

BTW; Some oldtimers here may remember seeing MV Slidre sitting high and dry on GabGab Beach, Guam for several years.She blew ashore in a typhoon in May, 1976: http://www.shipsnostalgia.com/showthread.php?t=37523&highlight=Slidre