El Faro Words Of Support


The SS El Faro


Let our thoughts during this time of the year be with the still grieving families of the unfortunate crew members who lost their lives out there. They will be missed more than ever during this Christmas period in which families gather to celebrate. May our colleagues rest in peace.


Our deepest condolences from the Brazilian flag to our US flag brotherhood of the sea.
My the Lord embrace them all in heaven as well as comfort their families.

Captn Anderson Azevedo.
Mestre de Cabotagem.


The El Morro was the vessel that started my career as a merchant seaman. I was only a trainee, fresh out of piney point, but I learned the first step to being a good sailor there: mutual respect and trust towards your brothers and sisters of the sea.

It saddens me to think that people I sailed with on that vessel were on the El Faro during that tragedy and even moreso when I think about their families. My condolences go out to them in their time of need.



May the Lord welcome you with open arms in heaven.