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Well, if we took a couple of Cities off the list our rate would drop way down. Take Chicago for one.


The ones with the strictest gun laws. Go figure.



Yes, Ombugge’s photo looks like the 1st generation of offshore PSVs that followed the mudboats. The original mudboats were not designed to back up to platforms; there was no aft facing control station and the Wabco air controls for throttles/gearboxes used too small diameter control air lines which led to too-long delay times between command and reaction. I have been the meat in the sandwich between pissed off charterers and non English speaking skippers, getting blamed for a mudboat not performing like a PSV.


I believe ALS has one of the “good ol’ GoM boats” in their fleet?
At least the used to have one in 2014:

ASL Rider. (Slightly modified by the look of it)


I like the Rider’s “slight modifications”; the white house-style AC outdoor units and blue portable deck generator. These items tell us a lot about what to expect in the engine room.


When I stepped on a Mud Boat for the first time as a “Navigator”, I almost froze my lilly white Norwegian ar*s to death. I was assigned the upper bunk in the C/M’s “stateroom”, where there was an air-condition unit stuck through a hole cut in the bulkhead, blowing directly onto my bunk and running at full capacity 24/7. (The Mate liked it cold)

The boat had just arrived from Alaska and the burn marks around each newly installed A/C unit was still visible
PS> Could have been the Rider in a previous life.

PPS> You may have been around the ALS Yard at the time? I was there for the “Gava Lifter” off-hire when this picture was taken.


It looks like you took this pic after I had finished at ASL. In 2014
we delivered a largish DP jackup workbarge that started life in
Drydock’s Graha yard as Master Marine’s Nora and is now called Teras


Not sure, but the legs seen in the background there I believe belong to the Teras Sunrise.


The jackup in the background has 3 legs with 4 chords per leg. Probably an
accommodation barge called the Atlantic London. Nora has 4 legs of the same
design as the Gusto CJ46 three legged drill rigs. CJ46 legs have 3 chords.
Nora /Teras Sunrise was possibly in Sembawang’s Singapore yard when you
took this pic.


Sorry, I think you are wrong there. You can see one of the cranes on the T.S. on the picture. (Behind the blue shore crane)

Here is the T.S. on return from sea trails a few days after that picture was taken:

BTW; I was also there for the Atlantic London when she was loaded on a barge for drydocking later that year.


I’m impressed by the number of pictures you took while on the clock. Never thought of doing it and only have maybe a couple of dozen at most which I’d have to dig out of a box in the attic…


Yes, you are correct; it IS the T.S. in the back ground. What I thought were 4th leg chords, were actually deepwell pump risers.


Unfortunately I only got into the habit of taking lots of pictures after I switch to digital photography. In my early years of sailing I may have taken the odd pictures in interesting places, but they have mostly got lost, many with the move from Singapore to Norway. (Destructed)
In the many years as Surveyor and Marine Consultant I did take lots of pictures, but mainly of damages and rusty parts. I have some negatives of non-work related pictures, but a lot was destructed as well.

I do have a few thousand pictures on my hard drive and in the Cloud, many of ships and boats, but this forum is not suitable for photo essays,although I throw in some from time to time. (A picture speaks a thousand words)

Here is one that Evanjonesinbatam may like:

Nora in the process of changing name 15.08.2013 (ASL Yard, Batam)

Or this one:


What’s your yelp rating for lusy’s?

I hear the bar is excellent but the restaurant not so much :grimacing:


I have no idea, nor had I any knowledge of Yelp until now. (I looked it up)
I also don’t know if anybody but Americans care about it.
It’s been a while since I visited. I believe there have been a change of management since then.:wink:


Are Norwegians as comedically gifted as Germans? Geeezus