Current Turnaround times for USCG License Renewals


Seems to be slower than in the past between testing/issuing. Evaluation itself wasn’t bad this go around for me but A few weeks went by between when I tested and when it was issued, in the past that was just a day or two.


I agree. Last October I had a raise in grade. From the time I submitted it was in my hands in less than a month including waiting almost two weeks to test after I got my approved to test letter. It was issued and mailed the day after I tested.


Just finished up a live online chat with someone from the NMC, just astonished at the incompetence.

I have an application in process for a domestic endorsement.
Things started off pretty smoothly, I emailed all my stuff to REC Boston on Saturday, Jan 23, 2016. REC Boston emailed me back on the morning of Monday, Jan 25, to let me know all was recieved, and that they would review for completeness and send it along to the NMC if all was well. So far so good.

So, on Wednesday, January 27, I get 2 emails from the NMC automated system. One was for the domestic endorsement I had applied for, and the other was for a medical certificate. I thought this odd, because I did not apply for a medical certificate. My application was only for the domestic endorsement. I had applied for a new medical certificate back in September of 2015, and recieved it with no questions or concerns from the NMC. Included was the waiver letter I have for obstructive sleep apnea, well controlled with a CPAP machine.

So, I continue to get these automated emails for both the application for the domestic endorsement AND the medical certificate. After the email on Feb 5 saying my stuff was in for medical approval, I contacted the NMC and asked them why I was getting emails for a medical certificate application when I had just applied for and received one in the past couple of months, and their answer was that it was probably just a glitch, that the application for the domestic endorsement was taking its normal course, and the emails I was getting about the medical certificate application were just a part of that process. “Whatever”, I think, as long as the ball keeps rolling.

Well, I get emails on February 11 saying that the medical certificate (which I never applied for) had been approved and was in the mail to me. And, an email stating that the domestic endorsement had passed medical screening, and was awaiting assignment to an evaluator for PQEB. No problem, I am thinking, I expect to get an email anytime saying that the application for the domestic endorsement had been assigned to an evaluator and was being processed. Well, that email never came.

What did come was a new medical certificate in the mail. And attached was a waiver letter for my Sleep Apnea condition, as well as a paragraph telling me that when i make my next medical certificate application I need to send a report about my [U][B]BLADDER CARCINOMA[/B][/U]

Well, I got on the phone post haste. I explained to the call taker that some mistake has been made. I made an application for a domestic endorsement. I did not apply for a medical certificate, as my current one has a 2 year expiration in August 2017. [U][B]And I do not have bladder cancer !!![/B][/U] Well, they said they would look into that.

So, in the meantime I am still twiddling my thumbs waiting for the PQEB on the domestic endorsement. This should be pretty straight forward. No emails. So I go online to check the status, and the website says it is in for medical review !! WTF, I am thinking, their email on Feb 11 said the application had passed medical review and was waiting for PQEB !!!

So I get on the good old NMC Live Chat again. Nice people, pretty helpful. What has happened is my file got puled off the queue for evaluation by PQEB because I had raised a red flag with them about this medical certificate that showed up with verbiage about bladder carcinoma!

  1. I never applied for a medical certificate when I applied for this domestic endorsement.
  2. I am flabbergasted that my calling them to say they issued a messed up waiver letter (for a medical certificate I never applied for) is now delaying evaluation of the domestic endorsement I applied for.

Shaking my head.


My recent renewal experience…emailed my renewal application to REC Miami on 2/8. I believe it was 6 emails with attachments, due to 10mb limit at REC. Kind of a pain…

2/16 receive a letter stating my drug test letter is insufficient. Submit another on the same date by email.

2/23 receive yet another letter from REC Miami concerning drug test letter. I called the NMC this time. Very pleasant phone call by the way. Copied and pasted a letter with the CFR’s off the NMC website to satisfy their requirements. Emailed it to REC Miami. No further issues, application forwarded to NMC.

3/24 Phone call from NMC from Evaluator explaining that ECDIS and HELM are silent endorsements. Otherwise, no problems with my renewal. The Evaluator was very professional, a pleasure to speak with. Lastly, I had overpaid for my renewal/upgrade. He said I’d be getting back a refund from the Feds. Go figure!

MMC should be in the mailbox at home by Sat/Mon.


I renewed last August and had my new book in less than 2 weeks, I submitted my application and certificates (MEECE, ERM and LMS) for my international endorsement and it took 5 weeks, just received the new stickers last Friday.


I wonder if you can request a whole new book instead of stickers when you upgrade since you have to pay an issuance fee for upgrades.


[QUOTE=caldwell275;181863]I renewed last August and had my new book in less than 2 weeks, I submitted my application and certificates (MEECE, ERM and LMS) for my international endorsement and it took 5 weeks, just received the new stickers last Friday.[/QUOTE]
I recently dropped off my package at REC Oakland . Know one of the staff there who is not friendly at all and quite useless . It’s time for her to retire . After a week went back since I live near by. . With there with another person waiting . Same lady craks open the door and looks at us and says what do you want like she either scared or just does not like people which is the later . I know this person well . I ask her If my package was sent since I have read that Sometimes RECs hold on to them till they get a bnch and send . She says oh no not true . Then says well I don’t know it’s not on my desk .she is to lazy to walk 10 feet to ask anyone . And the place is not busy at all . Well checked today and it as fowarded yesterday after sitting there for a week. avoid Oakland if possible and don’t expect to see a friendly face there .


3-23-16 Emailed app with all three course certs to NOLA REC for removal of STCW expiration dates.

3-25-16 Forwarded to NMC

3-30-16 Awaiting PQ

4-12-16 Approved and mailed

4-16-16 Received 3 new stickers in the mail

4-25-16 Arrived home from crewchange and looked over the highly coveted stickers. Started drinking when I realized I was out almost $5k in tuition, travel, and food for pointless classes. Quit drinking and cried myself to sleep when I realized I also missed $5k in wages due to no classes available during days off.



Three stickers? I got two, one with lll/2 and lll/3 with expiration date 2020 and one sticker with a signature. Is there another that I was supposed to receive?


I got the Roman numeral page, then the page with all capacities and the signature page. I’m guessing they gave me the new capacities page because my verbiage contained the expiration date.


Guess I need to check on mine, only numeral page and signature page I received.


[QUOTE=dmc;134778]Wow!! I’m almost afraid I asked.

Mine has been sitting in Charleston as recieved for 8 days.

You would think that if it is complete it would be quite simple for them to send it on to West Virginia.[/QUOTE]

Good luck. The post office “lost” my file when the REC sent it there from Houston and I had to resubmit the package from scratch.


[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;181864]I wonder if you can request a whole new book instead of stickers when you upgrade since you have to pay an issuance fee for upgrades.[/QUOTE]

The lady at NMC today told me yes you can. You just have to pay the $45 fee and let them know to issue a new book. She said it would take longer than just getting the stickers.


[QUOTE=Hawespiper5;183774]The lady at NMC today told me yes you can. You just have to pay the $45 fee and let them know to issue a new book. She said it would take longer than just getting the stickers.[/QUOTE]

So the fee is the same, you just have to request a new book. I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.


My renewed license with STCW gap closing endorsements is supposedly in the mail. Submitted electronically to Seattle REC May 7th, hit a snag when they only removed the STCW restrictions and didn’t renew the license. After a couple of phone calls they say now that they’ve renewed the license and it’s in the mail as of June 27th.


I emailed my documents in to upgrade, sent them to REC New Orleans, three days later they were in West Virginia, took almost two months to be approved, I think as the gap closure dates near, the wait time for documents will be longer


new Able seaman unlimited:

8/19/16-approved to test.
8/15/16 - being evaluated pqeb
7/29/16-ready to be evaluated pqeb
7/26/16-being evaluated meb
7/25/16-ready to be evaluated meb
7/22/16-received awaiting security
7/19/16- in transit to nmc
7/18/16- received by rec long beach


8/30/2016- passed test REC long beach
7/1/2016-mmc issued and mailed, hope to receive it by Monday.


Correction- 9/1/16. Mmc issued and mailed.
9/6/16- received in the mail


I emailed my application (STCW gap-closing and towing endorsements) to REC Houston Aug. 23, they were accepted and forwarded to NMC Aug. 24 and in transit until Aug. 30 (apparently the REC actually prints everything and mails hardcopies … there’s a process-improvement opportunity!). The packet has been “Awaiting PQEB” since then. I called at the two-week mark and was told the current wait is 43 days.

And yes, as noted, you can always request a duplicate so that all of your pages are in the correct order with the correct wording. Same price.